Thursday, October 30, 2008

Join The Pact by Johnnie Walker

How many people have we seen get into an accident due to drunk driving? How many people have we heard of who killed others coz of drunk driving? How many? How many? Thousands if I were to pick a number. Everyone knows that alcohol clouds your judgement. Alcohol is only a pleasure drink if consumed responsibly. No one is saying don't drink - just don't drive when you drink. Johnnie Walker has embarked on a world-class "Never Drink and Drive" campaign called "Join The Pact" with Lewis Hamilton and Mika Hakkinen. There's a cool video of Lewis, Mika and Heikki running around a filming studio trying to get the most number of signatures from people who take the pledge to never drink and drive and it spins around to be a comedy stunt and gets the point across rather cleverly. (Watch the video below)
Essentially what this campaign aims to achieve is to increase the education level of responsible drinking amongst consumers around the world. It doesn't matter which brand you consumer, Johnnie Walker unselfishly just wants you to be aware that being responsible is important.
Alot of fantastic executions have been done around the world in over 20 countries. Johnnie Walker and Mika have done some fantastic road shows to showcase the importance of being control when you're behind the wheel. As part as the CSR program under Diageo's roof, Johnnie Walker has spent millions and millions of dollars backing this campaign and with it's simple and direct message - NEVER DRINK AND DRIVE, consumers around the world are urged to be responsible when drinking (Watch the video below)

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