Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My Own Home

9 months of stress and pain, I must say that my new home has come together rather well. Somehow everything matches. I moved into my new place on Saturday - Oct 25th, which also marks exactly 4 years since I returned from America and it is also my brother's birthday. It was the perfect day to move into my new home.
This is my living room which will house some cool entertainment. Right now it's empty but when I'm done with it, it's gonna be awsome - Xbox, PS3 and maybe Nintendo WII but I'm getting back reviews about Nintendo.
Looking for a couch was not easy - trust ME!I sat on almost 200 pairs of sofa's and couches until this was purchased. The fabric - Albergo Suade and the L shape portion of it has a single seater recliner. Plus I have another 2 more single seater with recliner. It's so comfortable and grand. When you sit on it, you're actually elevated.
The coffee table was a no-brainer! It's cute, houses 4 small chairs underneath it and it was contemporary. Plus, it's got that glossy finishing which makes it easy to maintain.
This is the master bedroom bathroom. What you see here is completely new and nothing from the developer. Maintaining it clean is gonna be a problem coz it's a glass sink. Oh well - with great style comes great pain :)
This is my dining table. Original idea was to build a bar at this area and then I realised that 3 years from now, when I'm done entertaining people at my home, a dining table would make more sense than a bar. Again, it was hard looking for the right dining set that matches the entire deco of the house.
Overall, it's real hard work renovating and furnishing a house. I can't imagine the amount of work that goes into building a house from scratch. I guess when you have money, you just hire people to do everything for you. I personally monitored the work on my house. Am still facing some teething problem which is normal. Am also working on getting a routine going. Feeling kinda lost right now.

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