Friday, August 14, 2009

Power Hungry

What really annoys me is people who think that they are so powerful but fail to realise that their power is contained within 4 walls and the minute they step outside those walls, they mean "Jack-shit" to anyone.
I recently experienced 2 episodes - 1 is when someone agreed on something but conveyed a different message to the boss which contradicted the initial agreement. 2 is when the boss - without granting room for investigation decides to show power by yelling. I just don't understand how people like this can still survive in this world or even have a job?
On the bosses end, I would say it's unprofessional. On the person that is now known as a "double headed fucking snake" - how does this person still have a job when everyone around this person hates this person attitude, personality and just can't his ass-licking bullshit!!!
Guess it's best to ignore this idiot coz it's just not worth lowering myself to that low life's level.