Thursday, October 1, 2009

Singapore F1 - 2009

Singapore Grand Prix - OH! GOD! What an adrenalin rush! Not just the race but the entire city was plastered with excitement. Media has endorsed Singapore as the "Monaco of Asia" and in just 2 years of hosting the race that they have this on them.
There were so many parties and I had tons of invites and what really sucked for me was that I couldn't get my ass to every one of them so again, I was in the hotel room, looking at all these VIP passes and I needed to pick-and-choose which one's I should attend and MUST attend. Obviously, most of my choices were to those that I "MUST" attend.
The Johnnie Walker Jet Black party was obviously top on my list (due to obvious reasons) and it was a blast. As usual, no one cares about the DJ but the music was good, the crowd was good and the drinks were absolutely marvelous.
The various cocktails that were made available - designed and served by top bartenders around the region. There were ladies behind the bar making my drinks - with lots and lots of luvvvv!!!

The VIP arrival lobby. The welcome was great. We had the chance to sign the JOIN THE PACT board alongside Fergie, Beyonce, Lewis, etc - as we all took the pledge to Never Drink and Drive. They were not physically next to me signing la but their signatures were there and I signed next to it so can pass la wei!

This is my man Max Loong. It seems that we meet once a year in Singapore and only during Singapore Grand Prix. Gotta make better effort at that one!
H-man (Harish) with the "I'm too cool for this crowd" look.
But when got hot girl, that bugger is all smiles. This is the original JW party crowd. Same faces at Amber Lounge last year - same faces at Jet Black this year. This is Karen Chuan - she's taken guys!

Again, Max and I.
Of course, after Jet Black, we headed to Zouk to listen to Carl Cox spin but we didn't last that long there coz we were really tired and sleepy and almost drunk out of our brain.
Harish - the poser.
Overall, the parties were great in Singapore and we need to do something to match that. If only the government supported the alcohol and smoke boys, the country would be alot better with parties and events.
Keep a look out for posts about F1 Singapore and F1 Rocks concert that I attended as well.