Thursday, October 30, 2008

Nice or Nasty??

I think sometimes I'm just way too nice to people around me. I go out of my way to get things done for people but when I need something done, it's hard to get someone to commit. I can't say that I don't have anyone around me but the ratio is just too depressing.
For example, I always take the initiative to pla some events around birthdays and parties and when I send out the invite, people just don't have the decency to RSVP! Honestly, RSVP means "Yes I'm coming" or "Sorry can't make it" - and there is a reason why people request for an RSVP - it's so that we can plan on the amount of food and drinks to have ready so that no one goes home hungry or thirsty.
The other thing I can't stand is when people commit to attending a function and then don't show up at all but instead attend other function. I get it - it's not that imjportant compared to the other stuff happening around town but have a thought - maybe what's not important to you might be very important to me hence why an invite was extended to you in the first place.
Guess this is where it all stops - no more invites to people who don't appreciate it, no more invites to those who think they are better than the rest, etc. Better still - just no more parties for general population!!

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小光 said...

Sorry, bro (& Jo too...). I don't give any excuse for this, my fault...