Friday, January 16, 2009

Faces of 2008....

"Thugs change, love changes, best friends become stranger" by NAS
Reality of life is that nothing is forever even your friends. Moment of connection is very temporary and that is why the word "EX" is so widely used across the globe. Everyone has some sort of an "EX" - ex-boyfriend, ex-girlfriend, ex-wife, ex-husband, ex-friend, ex-enemy, ex-foe, ex-mate, ex-room-mate, ex-housemate, ex-fling, ex-booty call...... and I can keep going on with this but the point is that, not all "EX" are bad coz sometimes, with time, you drift apart coz you're after different things and they lead to different roads in life. The lesson here is that, never walk away with a grudge and always be neutral and be nice - not many people can do this but I for one, have learnt that there really is no use is crying over spilt milk coz it's sometimes, the milk is stale so it's better that it's spilt.
The following pictures are people that I've met along the way. If you remember well, I previously wrote a similar posting so this is the continuity.

This is Stefanie Chase and Adam Hunger. Adam and I were housemates when I was in college in Boston and Stef was my classmate. He's from Scarsdale, New York and she is from New Jersey. DAMM I MISS THE SNOW!!!! They meant for each other!!!
This is Joo, a dear collegue of mine. She's an amazing character once you get to know her. Many take advantage of her sweetness. Here she's trying to cover herself with napkins coz she was cold - very smart and innovative.
This is Shen, another collegue of mine. She's what we call a "HOT MAMA" - Shen - calm down. Am being generous here.
Met this girl in Spore during Zoukout and she was a Smirnoff promoter - promoting Smirnoff with the recent sponsorship of Manchester United. According to her, Smirnoff is from America!
This I just had to do - aren't they freaky!!!! Eeeewww......weirdo's!!!
On Orchard in Spore, a local being Japanese. So wrong! And I think she was promoting some Japanese restaurant that just opened up in the same building as HMV!
This is Bess - nothing but energy mate ....nothing but energy.
This is Joanne with one of her friend - I think her name is Mei. Mei came with this really cool dude who was completely lost in the crowd and the conversation that was going on but he's really chill. We literally planned their life togehter all the way to kids and their kids kids - they said that there's nothing going on between them - yea right!!
Every guy needs to have girls around him right. Mel on my right and Randi on my left - the Catcha girls!!! Trust me, they look different at every event - so different that I could never recognize them at all.
This is my colleague Joo again with some weirdo!! Apparently he's all over the internet but I really don't know who he is!!! Guess it wasn't that important! Joo was drunk!
Yes yes yes.....Tze Khay from OK!Magazine and the big man of Catcha Corp made me do the red carpet walk for their event. Soooo nervous man!! I was so afraid that I was gonna stumble and fall or something! Phew! Thank GOD it didn't happen! Phew!
This is Alfred trying to steal one from Joey - owner of Fahrenheit bar. She's probably one of the cutest bar owners I've ever met.
I don't really remember her name but what I do remember is that she was the vodka shot girl in Goddezz.
Alex Sue doing his thing. Heart of gold with good intentions.
Now, this is Christine Yap with one of the dancers of Fahrenheit. Sometimes I wonder which way she swings but she's all about fun and good times. Very very easy going - lepak blues girl! Trust me - don't mess with her - she whoop your ass man!
Vanessa Gan - young, crazy, sometime blur, most of the time drunk and wet!! Someone get her a new liver!
Alfred again - told him that women in bar will leave you exposed and dry but he never listened!
One of the bar girls posing with the best brand in the world!!
Imran with some chick he met - he is finally 30 years old!!!
One of my brother's friend - Dr. Ashok. We go wayyyyy back!
Holla to the man that makes blogs interesting - Josh Lim of Adverlets. Am still waiting for him to do something with my blog!! Maybe if I start posting some nude pictures of hot women then it might do the trick!!!
Gin May and Joanne - 2 of my most favorite girl.
Remember Christine Yap - now look at her!
Harish Harish Harish...Mr.Cool all the time.
L-R: Kuan Seng, Christine and Jimmy. Kuan Seng really not drunk here - the smell of booze gets him all high and shit. Jimmy is constantly high on life.
Siva from Trapper Media - started off as my tuition teacher and is now my agency. Speak about tables turning - do my media buying dude!!!
Peter Chin - met him during my DJ'ing days in Hot Java at Center Point, BU. Long way back. Dude can't drink for shit but he can surely represent.
Here I'm with the Ogilvy One team.
Michelle just loves kissing things. I'm not a "thing"!
Charlene is one hard cookie to crack but nevertheless, she's still a cookie!
Like I said, every guy needs pictures with hot girls - that's the only way to get your shares up there.
Eugene with Vanessa, Michelle and Charlene.
Don't even ask me. GOD knows what went thru her mind - or was she even able to think at this point??!!
Apparently Siva can only drink single malts and that blended scotch gives him a headache the next year. You know what I say to that - bull-crap-shit!!! He wasn't complaining when he was downing his drinks of Johnnie Walker Black Label (which is a blended scotch whisky) at a certain party avenue where the planets align!!!!
So, that concludes round 2 of friends I've made along the way and people I've met. Round 3 should be fun cos that would include people I don't even talk to anymore - or as I said - "ex" friends!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Staff Party 2009

Every year, after all the hard work and strained energy, the staff of Riche Monde take a well deserved break and head out of town for some wacky-tacky, fancy-spanzy 2days1night away from the hussle and bussle of the city. For us, this is a real treat away from computers, paperwork, printers and phones (well mobile not included). It is a retreat where we let our hair down, fold our sleeves and pants, take off our shoes and just chill......
This year, we ventured to Bukit Tinggi and stayed at Berjaya's Comlar Resort. The weather was pleasantly cool and the resort - dude, I was in "Pa'ris"!!!!!
This is Colmar Resort and the view was breath-taking man! The building, the people, the weather - it was Pa'ris mate! Suddenly I had the urge to learn, know and speak French!
Le recours ├ętait si beau qu'il ne s'est pas senti que nous ├ętions toujours en Malaisie (for those who don't know French - ahem! ahem! it means - The resort was so beautiful that it didn't feel that we were still in Malaysia)
Even the people that worked there were polite and very helpful and always smiling. They are definitely not people from Penang, KL or Johor. KL not so bad la - it's the other two that is bad!
This is the "Wishing Well" that is planted smack center of the walk way of the resort area as you walk toward your rooms. I threw in a coin and wished something - let's see if that comes true! I'm obviously not gonna say it here coz then it wouldn't come true.
Now, a team that works together very hard, also plays together - extra hard!! We had some team building games that required alot of energy and stamina - yea! freaking rite! bunch of people who deal with alcohol expected to sustain high level of energy and stamina. Give me a break but guess what - we did it. We were competitive (that's how we crush our enemies) and we were tackful with the task. Reminded me so much of Amazing Race Asia where you sabotage clues so that others don't find it. Here you see Enyr trying to do the hulla loops.
And in this task, 2 of us were to walk ahead while another walks backwards - trick is - our feet was tied to each other. So, we just blady hell carried the Hot mama!!!
The carpet toss was great - it's hard to explain but essentially, its how far you can jump and how many people can stand on 1 4X4 carpet without touching the sand area. Here you see Joo jumping for her life!
The 4 people slipper - you guessed it - stick it in and walk together. Obviously some are just beginning to learn to walk properly.
After all that games and treasure hunts, it was time to celebrate. Of course the winning team was the one that I was in - not because we were good or anything but coz the MD was in the same team so it's obvious who wins if you want to get into the good books - just kidding!!
The theme for the night was Back To The 70's,80's,90's and this is our MD - Frederic Noyere. Yes he's french so he was right at home at this resort. Fun dude and we had a blast with him by the pool, in the pool and out of the pool - in a decent way!!! You freaking dirty minded morons!!!
Our celebration includes food and "mother load of alcohol"!!!! We had everything you can possibly imagine - Johnnie Walker, Hennessy, Bailey's Smirnoff, Moet, Wines, etc.
These are the true beauties of the company really - except for Francis and Lim - don't know what they are doing here in the picture.
Here we have from left to right - Shirley (suppose to be Irene Cara from Flash Dance), Melinda (the biker chick) and Juanita (i'm still trying to figure out what she was). But nevertheless, all looking extremely stunning.
The wonderful ladies at a glance.
So, when you mix high beat, energy draining games followed by dinner with s%*t loads of alcohol, the following is what happens!! Reminder - we all work together so we are all practically brothers & sisters - KEEP THAT IN MIND!!!
Rachael and her tweety bird sleeping costume. She wanted the attention on little tweety hence the covering of the eyes!! Like we can't recognize you!!
Kar Wai - just had to get some sleep after loosing his slipper (which he never had to begin with), his mind with alcohol and his pride in the pool!
Enyr representing ya''ll
ME - representing ya'll
Carol & I - after the whole dinner and drinks, we all needed to cool down so we headed back to the resort and had more drinks.
Kok Leong representing ya'll

Ivan representing ya'll
Joo & Sylvia - before the grand slam pool action!
The newly promoted Andrew Khan - he cheated during the 5 sec shot - he opened his mouth but kept his teeth together - CHEATER!!! Uncool!!
Kar Wai & Shirley ....................................picture speaks a thousand words!
We really do care for Andrew but when he's drunk, it's all about having fun! Some might say its CLM (career limiting move) - Joo & I say it's CD (career disaster) - ha! ha!
One big happy half naked and fully wet family!
When we were still dry! The idea is to get yourself wet on your own so you don't get thrown into the pool.
As the night started, Jeff and Ashu looking very sober. Should have seen them after!!!
Left to Right: Joo, Melvin, me & hot mama Jessie.
In the end, the whole trip was fun. I won a LV handbag from the lucky draw and exchanged it with another colleague for an iPhone 3G - cool huh! I told you we are a good company to work for!
Hopefully next year's staff party has more dry shot rather than wet shots! These are pictures that are for public viewing. All the private viewing shots are safe and shall not be releases EVER!!!