Thursday, October 16, 2008

Law Enforcement - Unlawful

Everyday we are told that in order for a nation to be peaceful and live in harmony, there are certain rule and regulations that we need to respect and follow. Lets look at the simplest rules that we as Malaysian follow when we drive:
1. Don't beat the lights when its read - you'll get a ticket
2. Don't drive the opposite direction of a "One Way" street - you'll get a ticket
3. Don't cross a double line - you'll get a ticket
4. Don't double park - you'll get a ticket
5. Don't drink and drive (which is actually a really good law passed) - you'll get a ticket & sent to prison
6. Don't forget to pay for parking - you'll get a ticket
7. Don't park in restricted areas - you'll get a ticket
8. Don't speed - you'll get a ticket

As you can see, there are so many good laws and in our minds, if we break any of these, we will get a ticket. So, from the moment we get our drivers license, we pay attention to all the road rules so that we don't break them and by not breaking them, we don't offend the other drivers on the road. And to make sure that we don't break the rules, we have our local enforcement officers who are great at what they do and protect the law and keep peace at the highest level.

So, can somebody tell me, what do we do when Malaysia's finest"BREAK THE DAMM LAW!!!!!!"

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