Monday, March 23, 2009


Ok. This was my first Sunburst and since Johnnie Walker was sponsoring the VIP deck, I was given some VIP passes. So a few friends and I headed to Sunburst. Firstly, thank GOD I had VIP car pass coz the parking on the street streched all the way to Hartamas...geezzhhh!!
We drove into the club and stopped at the first check point where our tickets were checked and we were tagged with hand tags. Then we proceeded to look for the parking spot which happened to be right by the entry point near the Silent Disco. Let me tell ya - although it's a cool concept, it was funny watching a bunch of people with headphones jumping, dancing and singing to tunes that none of us could here without the headphone.
The only reason why I wanted to go was to watch Pharrel Williams of N.E.R.D. Thier show was good. But I think they were pissed with the organizers coz half way through the show, Pharrel actually told the guards to f%$k-off and let people come on stage. That didnt go too well with security but N.E.R.D didn't give a damm what they thought. By the end of the show, there were almost 50 over people on stage dancing with the group.
Then came on Korn - music that I call rubbish coz it's not singing but it's screaming. I don't even know how to enjoy such music where you don't know what it's about. Can't sing along to and can't even dance to.
The VIP area was pathetic coz it was empty and it was freaking far away from civilization. Johnnie Walker was behind the bar but apparently, they have specific bar-tenders serving specific drinks - how stupid. Jaeger was they so we tried that with Red Bull - cough syrup tasted better. So since that was a failure, we decided to head down to common ground.
We hung out at the Tuborg area where I met some friends. Most of them were completely drunk coz they've been drinking since noon - bodoh kan!!
The best part about the whole event was the Speedzone Tour marque. It was cooling, good music and there were alot of people whom we knew so we partied there all night. Towards the end of the night, I was behind the DJ console (I'm not that important but I know everyone there so I got access) and finally I was able to drink some Johnnie Walker Black Label....aaaa!!!!!
Overall, my impression - a complete failure to Sunburst. Some artists that were suppose to perform didn't even show up and no one told us anything.
Next year - stay home!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Formula One Is Back!!!!

It's crucial that I blog about this because it is about what we have planned for Johnnie Walker in March and April.
In line with the global sponsorship of Vodafone McLaren Mercedes, Johnnie Walker has in the past activated many exciting activities around the sport. Mainly parties and promotions. Why you ask? Simple - everyone loves the sport and the lifestyle around it.
This time around, we are executing many exciting on-ground activities. This is what you can look forward to:
1. Johnnie Walker Consumer Promotion - happening in over 120 outlets nationwide, with every purchase of 2 bottles of Johnnie Walker Black Label, you instantly get a gift - either a long sleeve or short sleeve t-shirt with JW & McLaren corporate partner logo. On top of that, you also get an entry form that puts you in the running to win Grand Stand tickets to the race in Sepang.
2. Johnnie Walker Grand Stand Hospitality - we will host 115 of our local consumers, media and selected celebs at the race track. The hospitality includes the following:
- Central pick up and drop off point from 1 Utama to SIC and back on both days
- Hospitality pack which includes ear plugs, JW lanyards with ID tags and race tickets, t-shirts, caps, umbrella, hand-fans and we feed you too.
- Block seating at Garnet Grand Stand where you get the full view of pit entry action, corners 5, 7 and the last corner before the straight shoot.
- Also, since you're our guests, after the race, your ticket gets you into Jami's concert at the heli-pad.
3. Johnnie Walker Grand Prix Viewing party - hosted in one of KL's hottest spots - Quattro Club on april 5th, loyal JW members of Quattro club, will get a chance to be invited to watch the race live from 3pm-8pm with friends and celebs with free flow of finger food and Johnnie Walker Black Label. To make things interesting, specially developed Grand Prix cocktails will be served to everyone.

So, we cover all angles - if you wanna be in the middle of the heat and burning rubber or you wanna chill out with friends in town, we have offerings for you.

This is not where things ends - look out for July through October - we have exciting plans for you and it's only a matter of time when we share with you what we have in store for you.

See you at the track mates!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Bangkok - Amazing Thailand

I've been travelling quite a bit now with my brother and it really helps the bonding session between us. Also, Sudesh who is also my "brother" has been travelling with us as well. Timing is perfect because somehow work comes in play so it's not all loss.
We stayed at the Pathumwan Princess hotel in Bangkok - 5 star with 3 star pricing - how cool is that. This is Cheri -who was our faithful server at the hotel bar and after the 2nd day, she knew what we drank and when we drank it. Some people call it the "identification of an alcoholic" but we like to think that she's got great memory power.
This is the new Bangkok airport - let me tell ya - stupid ass system. The country is great but the airport is crappy! When I was taking this picture, some 4ft 2inch security ding-bat came up to me and told me "No pictures" and I figured she said that coz I'm Asian and so when I spoke with an American accent, she smiled and said "It's ok sir". Freaking hell!! Double standards! Thank GOD she isn't the mascot of the country or else no one will visit Thailand.
My room was great! Huge bathroom (sorry forgot to take picture). Comfy bed and great view.
The room was about 900 sq feet and that's huge - a little service apartment minus the kitchen.
I told you the view was great. This is the semi-olympic size pool at the hotels neighbouring sports complex. Like I swim but the thought was fun!
While everyone sipped on beer (and the fact that I'm off beer completely - been 5 months now) I decided to chill with Smirnoff Ice - best drink on a HOT day!
Now, this is traditional. It's like going to Egypt and not seeing the Pyramids. We dove into every damm Tom Yam Kung we could find. It was spicy as hell but who cares when you're having fun.
There is a street in Bangkok where the European's live - filled with bars and budgets hostels. These were populated with back-packers (somehow I don't know how they do it but they do) and my brother had this fascination of sitting by the bar and just watch how these people behave. Indeed it was funny!
This was a classic photo opportunity. A bar actually had this sign up at the entrance. I started laughing at this. Then I was told that many Thai's carry guns which is why this sign was put up coz apparently these Thai's are trigger happy when they get pissed off - good thing we didn't piss anyone off!! We were very friendly tourist - a trait that comes with good up-bringing :)
Believe it or not, in my own country I don't know how the subway, monorail or LRT works but in Bangkok, I travelled on trains. Cool!!!!
This is a good lesson for those damm motorcyclists in our country who don't know what "Road Manners" means. In Thailand, the queue up like cars - how nice. They don't go around mugging, kidnapping, stealing or fighting with people.
The airport was well dec'ed out. Beautiful structure of Thai culture.
Another shot of the airport deco. This little kid was wondering what it was and was trying to walk into the alter.
Many think that Bangkok is a heaven for men "ONLY". In fact it isn't. Shopping is really cool here as well. Just gotto be careful on what you buy coz it could be fake but if you're one who only buys original stuff, you can tell the difference.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Formula 1 team has launched the MP4-24 with which it will campaign in the 2009 FIA Formula 1 World Championship. The sexy looking car was unveiled by 2008 World Champion - Lewis Hamilton and his side-kick Heikki Kovalainen.
The new car bears little resemblance to its world championship-winning predecessor due to the introduction of new rules that have radically reshaped Formula 1.

Seen here pulling the cover off the new beast that Lewis will drive to try to capture his second chanpionship in 2009, is the new MP4-24 Vodafone McLaren Mercedes machine. It carries heavily revised bodywork, re-sculpted front and rear wings, slick tyres and a kinetic energy recovery system (KERS), the MP4-24 has been in development since September 2007 in order to successfully accommodate the huge changes that have been made to the technical regulations.

A full team shot by the new car, where test driver Pedro de la Rosa will conduct the first two days before the race drivers take over. Testing has always been fun to watch if you had to chance to - not only do they beat the crap out of the car, they also do everything and anything possible to damage the cars performance so that they can further tweak the quality that will go into the races.

Seen here is Ron Dennis who has now taken a back seat but will continue as an advisor to the team. I think it's about time the man chilled out but F1 will not be the same without him and especially McLaren, will feel the difference.

The No:1 resembles that this car is being driven by the World Champion from the previous year. Directly above it, resembles the worlds No:1 scotch whisky brand - he!he! had to drop some compliment.
I'm really excited about the upcoming Formula One season. Lewis is definitely under tremendous pressure to perform and with Ferrari stepping up their game, Lewis and McLaren cannot afford to take any risks in terms of team management and on-track performance. I guess it's about staying ahead rather than taking a huge leap.
The new MP4-24 looks very different with the tail wing looking alot sleeker than the previous version.
The line-up of the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes team. If you ask me, I think Heikki has great potential and if he isn't the 2nd driver and has the option to prove himself, he might just beat Lewis on-track.
The classic team walk.
And of course the usual "take a picture with the Vodafone" phone! Why not drink a whisky while you're at it!
The ever so con-fusing steering. If this was in my car, I would be crashing all over the place.
The element that makes the difference in the car.

And being proud sponsors of the team, Johnnie Walker globally and regionally and locally have executed some world class campaigns leveraging on the sponsorship.

Malaysia will not be left out of course so watch out in the coming months people - coz Johnnie Walker is gonna blow your mind!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Who Gets The Bill???

I recently read this very interesting blog on a friends blog site - She had posted an entry about "who should pay - the guy or the girl"!
This is a very interesting blog entry because I believe that in our society, nothing is black & white anymore.
Vanessa makes a real valid point and believe me you - not many girls that I know think this way anymore. There is no harm in a girl picking up the bill! Lets travel back to the 60's: (teng teng teng)
In the 60's, women were pretty housewives and looked after the home and the kids and they cooked, cleaned, ironed and kept the house in one piece.
Today, many women are very much involved in the corporate world and believe me, it has made the world a much better place coz there is a neutrality in views in most organizations now. So, with them being involved in work world, means that their battle for equal gender rights is working and slowly the world is opening up to women making decision.
In my point of view, there is nothing wrong when a woman pays for the entire bill - we see the situation as it is but between the couple, there could be a deal - for example maybe she was taking him out to celebrate his promotion, or she lost a bet or she insisted that she pay, etc. So many possibilities but yet we generalize the guy and call him a loser.
I've been out many times and have had my friends who are girls paying - reason being, we have an understanding that I will take care of alcohol and they take care of food. Does that make me a pig? Of course not and believe me - I'm all about equal gender.
So, girls - don't be afraid to whip out your purses and swipe that card and guy - don't be afraid to lean back and chill while your lovely lady treats you!

The Joy & The Tear

Today, someone did something for me that really touched me deeply. I mean, besides my own brother who has done things for me that I can only dream of repaying. In my capacity, I can probably do 10% back for him but if I could I would do alot more for him.
But back to this one person - I consider him as my brother as well. He went missing for about 4 years which made me wonder what happened to him and that maybe my brother and I meant nothing to him but over the past 6 months or so, he has returned and we are just happy that this brother of ours is back.
This is the story of how this guy literally touched my heart - I've been shopping or have been in the mood for a new car - not brand new but rather used or recon. I've been searching for awhile now when all of a sudden, this brother of mine called and told me not to buy a car and that he has an option for me. He has a spare car that he wants to sell and instead of selling it off, he told me that I can take over the car and just continue the monthly payments.
Now, there is alot more to say about this whole offer but essentially what I wanna say is that, he is one person besides my own brother, who doesn't care about the money but rather cares for his friends and family. He could sell the car and make some easy cash but he didnt - rather thought about me and decided to offer this to me.
It is true - money can never tear closeness apart!!