Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Alot of people think that I don't do much work. Just because I work in the alcohol industry, many think that my work is to drink. SOOOO WRONG! I actually have paper work to do and alot of planning and presentations - the worse part, all these have to be done sober! That's the hard part.
This is my little desk. As you can see, we practice a open office concept - all the executives and managers only. All the bosses still sit in the office. I think there is a really good reason for that - so that it makes it harder for them to keep yelling at us coz that's what they really do. I could go on and on about bosses but that's not what this tale is about. So, my work area is rather nice and cozy.
The cozy feeling comes from the fact that I'm surrounded by these beautiful beautiful bottles of the world's finest scotch whisky. You name it - I have it mates. Don't be jealous ya! All these bottles are only for show from 9-5pm. It's after 5pm that matters.
And to prove that I've been doing work for the past 4 years in my life, (don't ask me what I did prior to those 4 years ya - it's all still very hazy in my mind) I actually kept all the lanyards and passes of events that I executed and attended as well. I must say, I have been to some real interesting events over the years and they all share 1 common trait - ALCOHOL! Let's just admit it, it's the one thing that brings people together in any way. This is the monster of all - the amazing 4.5ltr of Johnnie Walker Black Label. Imagine drinking this with your buddies in a club or a bar or even at a BBQ for that matter. Wicked isn't it! Well, just leave it to me to handle this monster while you go ahead and feel jealous of my life.


your neighbour said...

hemanth, don't bull shit! where got paper on your desk ;p ;p

Gangsta...... said...

ha! ha! you haven't seen underneath my desk :)