Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Loewy Bar @ Oakwood, Mega Kuningan

So, this is the beginning of my nightlife blog entries. Last week I went to this place called Loewy - for 2 reasons - one is because it's got a real good socialite crowd and second coz it's just across the street where I live :)
This place is insanely fantastic. The profile of the crowd is quite transparent - expat males with local girls looking for expat men. Now, when I say expat, I mean Westerners. Yes there are Asian expat's but the girls are after the Westerners.
Nevertheless, the crowd profile is pretty decent and quite a friendly bunch. These are some of the pictures of the outlet. It has a beautiful interior look and feel - Malaysia has much to learn
The bar is owned by a group called Opco Group. They also own Domain and Portica in Senayan City Mall. My next destination would be that so will keep you all posted.