Sunday, December 21, 2008

ZoukOut Singapore

So, it comes once a year and everyone just goes nuts over it! Now, in my mind, it's just another outdoor event - and my thought wasn't too far away from reality except that I didn't anticipate the hour long wait for a cab to take us out of Siloso Beach. What a bitch that was!! Finally, we had to actually share a cab with this lovely couple who didn't mind dropping us off just outside of Sentosa - right outside of St.James so that we could get a cab from there back to the hotel.
Ok, so, that was the only pain-in-the-ass thing that happened.
Here are some pictures to tell you the rest of the story! Overall, it was a decent party with access to booze all night long at reasonable prices. They had bars located everywhere. They also had some games such as the trampoline, tattoo artists, massages and face painting.
Besides the great line up of DJ's, the other fascinating element of the night was the fact that our "shy" asian girls are now NO LONGER SHY!!!!! There were girls walking around with just bikini's and some bikini's barely covering jack-shit! Might as well don't wear the damm thing! Another interesting fact that I noticed (and I'm sure you all noticed but just don't have the balls to say it) is that many asian girls these days are beginning to have bigger boobs!! I don't know if it's the good food that they are consuming or it's just the bra but they are looking HUGE!
Of course, the group of us who went had a blast and some people even took it a step further and decided to get really drunk and dance with random dudes - ala Janet Jackson style!
This girl was classic - she was sitting alone posing so we decided to approach her and tell her that she looks perfect to be a calendar girl. We asked her to pose for the camera and she did - HOW VAIN! Then a friend of ours wanted to meet her and as they walked towards her, her "white" boyfriend returned and as soon as he sat, she started making out with him with so much passion. This is probably what went through her mind: "Wah! They think I'm HOT! I better make out with my boyfriend to prove a point that I'm not available". What went through our mind:
"Cheh! Like la she damm hot! So pariah looking! Let's take a picture as a joke!!"
The girls.....Cindy, Bess, Wendy and Joanne
Me with the girls - just had to la!!!
Now, I'm sure you would have heard the saying "Angel falling from the sky" - this was almost the similar case. Michael was sitting down and Bess stepped back not realising he was there and fell onto his lap!! Meant for each other!!

Well, as you can see, it was good fun. Obviously some of us went home before the party ended coz we've been to hundreds of these parties so they all look the same after awhile. The younger crowd, who went to Singapore to sleep and eat in the hotel and go to ZoukOut, of course partied till 8am. Funny thing is, they spent the entire time in Singapore sleeping and eating in the hotel. Funny people!!! But weird!!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas - The Best Season Ever

Christmas is probably my most favorite holiday season in the year. It's so lively and beautiful. Even the music is so beautiful and not noisy - like the other festives!! I've seen some really good Christmas tree displays in Malaysia and Singapore this year. Its something about Santa Clause and SantaRina's that spark every year. I'm not a huge fan of the dwarf but they are cool too.

This Heineken Christmas tree was erected in Sunways Pyramid just outside Republic Bistro. Simple yet impacful.
This is another display also in Sunways Pyramid.
My favorite - Ikano Power House - so beautiful, so white and there was snow. The display was amazing and the best that I've seen so far but I'm sure there are other that kick ass as well.
Mr. Snow Man.
The glittering Christmas tree. To everyone, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Global Recession - are we affected?

There are lots of talks around the world about the major recession that going to hit globally which will cause rough years ahead for all of us. The United States of America has officially announced on Tuesday that they are officially in recession and to date, the largest banking group - Citigroup has laid-off close to 52, 000 of their employees around the world. A friend of mine just told me that her dad, who has been the CFO of a non-profit organization in Connecticut for over 25 years was laid-off in August 2008! Can you imagine that - 25 years of service and you're thrown away like a worthless garbage - used and unappreciated!
With all the tension in the global economy, it is really a wonder if we in Malaysia will ever get affected by this. Globally, its evident that this is a serious issue. But in Malaysia, I still notice people shopping like there's no tomorrow, partying as though life is one big balloon and we are secure just coz we're in it and going for holidays to exotic places as though they found a stack of hundred bills under their bed that they didn't know about!
It's scary really coz we have been told that Malaysia will be least affected because we are independantly regulated and we have alot of natural resources! As true as it may be, but many of our corporate spendings rely on international investment and without this and with big MNC's slashing budgets and head counts, we will be affected to some extent.

I worry for our fellow Malaysian's and hope that we will all wake up one day and realize that $$ in hand is alot better than $$ on paper!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ultimate Asprey Fashion Showcase

Valiram Group together with Lexus Malaysia had a "by invitation only" event last night at the Lexus showroom in Mutiara Damansara. The event was a special screening of the Asprey Collection. I got there at 7pm (event starts at 6:30pm) - normal la - Malaysian standard time. As soon as I entered the venue, it started raining.
I must say, the showroom lookd really beautiful. And the cars that were on display - OH!MY!GOD! Blew my mind away. The Lexus is a beautiful car.
This is the new IS250 - not launched yet in the market. Approx in the price range of RM270,000 - RM320,000. Freaking expensive right!

Again, the IS250 in white.
This is the LS460 - luxury on it's own. This car is retailing at RM720,000 but trust me, it is pure luxury and it's like a home in there. Reclining seats (even the rear one's man!!) and with massage options. Ooooo!!!
Now, the event itself was pathetic. There were more staff at the venue compared to invited guests. I'm sure the organizers would have been really disappointed with the turn out. There were some guests but not interesting though.
Even Siew Mun and Shanice were freaking bored out of their brains that they actually left half way.
This is the funny part - while we were sipping on our drinks and muching on some food, suddenly the music came on and some tall-ass chicks started walking around the showroom showing off some handbags and jewelry! Took us a while to understand what was going on then it hit us - "Oh! This is fashion show la!!" The models were hot (talking about the girls here).
The little girl was so fascinated with this particular model, that everytime she came out, the little girl would go stand next to her and pose. Very cute - both of them!
More models.
And this particular model was very friendly and quite good with camera's. I'm not a photography freak so I walk around with my little Sony Ericsson phone with camera function but somehow, she made my camera look good!
Overall, quite a disappointing event especially coming from Valiram Group. I've been to their other events which were kick ass. Guess this wasn't that important.