Thursday, October 30, 2008

Join The Pact by Johnnie Walker

How many people have we seen get into an accident due to drunk driving? How many people have we heard of who killed others coz of drunk driving? How many? How many? Thousands if I were to pick a number. Everyone knows that alcohol clouds your judgement. Alcohol is only a pleasure drink if consumed responsibly. No one is saying don't drink - just don't drive when you drink. Johnnie Walker has embarked on a world-class "Never Drink and Drive" campaign called "Join The Pact" with Lewis Hamilton and Mika Hakkinen. There's a cool video of Lewis, Mika and Heikki running around a filming studio trying to get the most number of signatures from people who take the pledge to never drink and drive and it spins around to be a comedy stunt and gets the point across rather cleverly. (Watch the video below)
Essentially what this campaign aims to achieve is to increase the education level of responsible drinking amongst consumers around the world. It doesn't matter which brand you consumer, Johnnie Walker unselfishly just wants you to be aware that being responsible is important.
Alot of fantastic executions have been done around the world in over 20 countries. Johnnie Walker and Mika have done some fantastic road shows to showcase the importance of being control when you're behind the wheel. As part as the CSR program under Diageo's roof, Johnnie Walker has spent millions and millions of dollars backing this campaign and with it's simple and direct message - NEVER DRINK AND DRIVE, consumers around the world are urged to be responsible when drinking (Watch the video below)

Knight Rider

I finally watched the much talked about "Knight Rider" the movie. I must say, although it doesn't have it's original look anymore but it still has really cool stuff.
I was able to get my hands on some really cool pictures from NBC when they did the launch of the Knight Rider movie. They showcased 3 similar Ford Shelby GT500KR Mustang - 1 had the capability to be remotely controlled within a mile radius. The 2nd was knowned as the KITT Hero - which is the everyday car which pushes a total of 540 bhp to the wheel. The 3rd version is known as the KITT Attack - super high-speed version of the Hero car.
This is the 1st car which was being controlled remotely.
Another shot of the car approaching. The car is fantastic and it's a beautiful car. Many critics would say that the whole KITT feel is lost with this car and that they should have kept to the traditional Pontiac Trans Am but I think this car looks mean and sexy.
The entire of the car however doesn't look futuristic at all. Very plain and very standard. The steering wheel doesn't have that KITT feeling anymore compared to the original version.
Although I like the car and the stunts and the technology, the overall plot of the movie wasn't that great. Firstly, the acting felt like it was a "B" grade movie. Here's the cast from left to right: Justin Bruening, Deanna Russo, Bruce Davison, and Sydney Tamiia Poitier. Bruce Davison is a veteran who acted well but the rest of them, not really '1st class' material.
The storyline is simple - Charles Graiman (played by Brude Davison) who created KITT, encounters a face-off with some evil people who are trying to steal the blue print of KITT which he has protected for over 20 years. In light of this, he disappears and KITT is programmed to search and protect Charles's only daughter who teaches in Stanford Uni - Sarah Graiman.
The story then unveils around Sarah and her ex-boyfriend whom KITT is also programmed to take Sarah to - Mike Tracer. Pretty much - boy protects girl whom he left for another girl but soon find themselves in love again after a heroic life saving attempt.
My judgement call - watch the movie for the car and stunts - not so much for it's story! Cos there is none. Oh! Yes! Michael Knight (David Hasselhoff) does come on at the end for like 5 minutes to give some words of wisdom to Mike Tracer who is actually his son.
Drama! Drama! Drama! Unlike the original stunt where KITT comes out of a moving truck, in the movie, it comes out of a moving-about to take off aircraft!

Nice or Nasty??

I think sometimes I'm just way too nice to people around me. I go out of my way to get things done for people but when I need something done, it's hard to get someone to commit. I can't say that I don't have anyone around me but the ratio is just too depressing.
For example, I always take the initiative to pla some events around birthdays and parties and when I send out the invite, people just don't have the decency to RSVP! Honestly, RSVP means "Yes I'm coming" or "Sorry can't make it" - and there is a reason why people request for an RSVP - it's so that we can plan on the amount of food and drinks to have ready so that no one goes home hungry or thirsty.
The other thing I can't stand is when people commit to attending a function and then don't show up at all but instead attend other function. I get it - it's not that imjportant compared to the other stuff happening around town but have a thought - maybe what's not important to you might be very important to me hence why an invite was extended to you in the first place.
Guess this is where it all stops - no more invites to people who don't appreciate it, no more invites to those who think they are better than the rest, etc. Better still - just no more parties for general population!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Black Circuit Paddock Party 2008

Formula One is exciting itself. When you combine the excitement of that sport with hot parties and hotter women, what else can you ask for!! I have the privilidge of being closer than close to the world of F1 and all the parties around it - thanks to my job. I meet some real exciting and high profile people. Earlier this year, we had the Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Paddock Party 2009 in Zouk where we had DJ Steve Aoki hit the decks.
Being back stage is always a good thing. People notice you!! This is DJ Blink. He opened the floor and really warmed up the 3,000 pax club for Steve Aoki. I'm not a huge fan of Indie music and anything of that sort and I'm still not a huge fan of that music but it was amazing to see how people loose their minds with these kinds of music.
Now, I remember these girls. They walked in like they owned the city and they walked out owning the attention of the boys and the DJ's. I have no idea who they are but I noticed them the entire night and their energy and party level was off the charts.
The view was fantastic. I stayed in Hotel Maya that night coz I didn't wanna risk driving back after a few Johnnie Walker's and it was just an amazing view.
And finally, the brand ambassadors who did more than carry the brand - they carried the brand and themselves with high class dignity and attitude. Truly an amazing bunch of girls.

My Own Home

9 months of stress and pain, I must say that my new home has come together rather well. Somehow everything matches. I moved into my new place on Saturday - Oct 25th, which also marks exactly 4 years since I returned from America and it is also my brother's birthday. It was the perfect day to move into my new home.
This is my living room which will house some cool entertainment. Right now it's empty but when I'm done with it, it's gonna be awsome - Xbox, PS3 and maybe Nintendo WII but I'm getting back reviews about Nintendo.
Looking for a couch was not easy - trust ME!I sat on almost 200 pairs of sofa's and couches until this was purchased. The fabric - Albergo Suade and the L shape portion of it has a single seater recliner. Plus I have another 2 more single seater with recliner. It's so comfortable and grand. When you sit on it, you're actually elevated.
The coffee table was a no-brainer! It's cute, houses 4 small chairs underneath it and it was contemporary. Plus, it's got that glossy finishing which makes it easy to maintain.
This is the master bedroom bathroom. What you see here is completely new and nothing from the developer. Maintaining it clean is gonna be a problem coz it's a glass sink. Oh well - with great style comes great pain :)
This is my dining table. Original idea was to build a bar at this area and then I realised that 3 years from now, when I'm done entertaining people at my home, a dining table would make more sense than a bar. Again, it was hard looking for the right dining set that matches the entire deco of the house.
Overall, it's real hard work renovating and furnishing a house. I can't imagine the amount of work that goes into building a house from scratch. I guess when you have money, you just hire people to do everything for you. I personally monitored the work on my house. Am still facing some teething problem which is normal. Am also working on getting a routine going. Feeling kinda lost right now.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Alot of people think that I don't do much work. Just because I work in the alcohol industry, many think that my work is to drink. SOOOO WRONG! I actually have paper work to do and alot of planning and presentations - the worse part, all these have to be done sober! That's the hard part.
This is my little desk. As you can see, we practice a open office concept - all the executives and managers only. All the bosses still sit in the office. I think there is a really good reason for that - so that it makes it harder for them to keep yelling at us coz that's what they really do. I could go on and on about bosses but that's not what this tale is about. So, my work area is rather nice and cozy.
The cozy feeling comes from the fact that I'm surrounded by these beautiful beautiful bottles of the world's finest scotch whisky. You name it - I have it mates. Don't be jealous ya! All these bottles are only for show from 9-5pm. It's after 5pm that matters.
And to prove that I've been doing work for the past 4 years in my life, (don't ask me what I did prior to those 4 years ya - it's all still very hazy in my mind) I actually kept all the lanyards and passes of events that I executed and attended as well. I must say, I have been to some real interesting events over the years and they all share 1 common trait - ALCOHOL! Let's just admit it, it's the one thing that brings people together in any way. This is the monster of all - the amazing 4.5ltr of Johnnie Walker Black Label. Imagine drinking this with your buddies in a club or a bar or even at a BBQ for that matter. Wicked isn't it! Well, just leave it to me to handle this monster while you go ahead and feel jealous of my life.

Good-Bye to a Colleague

A colleague and a friend - Foo Ken Vin - ex-Brand Manager of Hennessy V.S.O.P. - recently moved on with his career path and we had a farewell party for him at De-Lux Nightclub in Ampang Park. Why De-Lux - simple - because it's a business partner outlet with Riche Monde and they are willing to organize a nice buffet line for us.
Ken Vin served as a brand manager for 3 years and I've known him for 2 years out of that 3 years - not because we were both arrogant but I've only been there for 2 years:) Nevertheless, he is one dude that has never had an angry look or a pissed off look. He is always smiling and forever accommodating. He now works with GAB serving as a Brand Manager for TIGER beer.
As you can see, we were both into hip-hop hence the hand sign.
And that night, many talents were unleashed and many were shocked with the many talents that the company has. Some could really sing while other could really drink.
This was Ken Vin's farewell gift - a HUGE HUGE HUGE bottle of Hennessy with everyone's signature on it and he promised that this bottle would never be opened for whatever reason. But we all know how long that will last. Have you ever been in a situation where you and your mates were having a blast and suddenly you run out of booze and at that time these are your options:
1. Accept the fact that there is no more booze and call it a night; or
2. Break open all the limited edition / special edition collectors pack and keep the party going
My choice: Number 2!!!
In this picture, I'm with Kar Wai - who is replacing Shirley who is going for her maternity and will only be back after 3 months. The girl is Juanita - she works with us and was also a college mate back in Metropolitan college back in the 90's.
And this is "hot-mama" Shirley. Even when she is pregnant, she can still kick out a mean tune and put everyone to shame in the singing talent department. She will be missed.
Good luck Ken Vin and I'm sure you will kick some butt in GAB! See you at the Tavern real soon mate!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Hennessy Artistry - Flo Rida

Ok, I believe in giving credit where credit is due. The Hennessy team did a great job with this event. I'm a great hip hop fan - became a fan of that genre when I was living in the U.S. Everyone there listened to nothing but hip hop -50 cents, Eminem, Young Buck, Capone & Noreaga, etc. Anyway, back to the Hennessy story, they had Flo-Rida in town - he brought the bling-bling to town ya'll!! Holla at my boy son! He was the bomb dude. Pimpin out the stage and rocking the crowd.

The main entrance depicted an entrance that seems like I was going into a zone of hardcore partying. I remember walking in, but don't remember walking out. Since we had VIP passes ahead of time (thanks to Ken Vin the brand manager), we wore our tags and strolled right on in the venue.
This was the backdrop with the mini DJ console that you can mix and spin some tunes but it's not the professional type. Just to mess about to learn what the Art of Mixing is all about in this business. Ya'll know what I mean - just like Snoop G when he started.
Each section of the venue (this was in Bukit Kiara indoor arena which is a place where horses run around) which was transformed completely into a club for that night, carried a different name - Shanghai, KL, Miami and Paris. These names also link back to the names of the cocktails that were being served that night - FREE FLOW all night long dude! You can image the night.
This was where I was hangin with my peeps - media friends and friends. We got real close to our waiter and tipped him 50 bucks and guess what, trays after trays were specially delivered to us non-stop. I had 2 glasses in my hands at any given point in time - that's called "Double Fisting" back in the U.S. of A.
There were service bars everyone for the general public. Island bars were located all over the main arena - about 8 of them and each VIP area had their own long-ass bar. Trust me when I say, there was no limitation to alcohol and getting your hands on one was no brainer. It's like they keep finding you wherever you go. The place was cold - thanks to the super-duper, multi-jet airconditio blower located around the venue. It was a really cool event. The best yet so far compared to all the other "outdoor" parties that I've been to :)
My next post, will feature what I did at that party and keep checking this space.
Holla back!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Law Enforcement - Unlawful

Everyday we are told that in order for a nation to be peaceful and live in harmony, there are certain rule and regulations that we need to respect and follow. Lets look at the simplest rules that we as Malaysian follow when we drive:
1. Don't beat the lights when its read - you'll get a ticket
2. Don't drive the opposite direction of a "One Way" street - you'll get a ticket
3. Don't cross a double line - you'll get a ticket
4. Don't double park - you'll get a ticket
5. Don't drink and drive (which is actually a really good law passed) - you'll get a ticket & sent to prison
6. Don't forget to pay for parking - you'll get a ticket
7. Don't park in restricted areas - you'll get a ticket
8. Don't speed - you'll get a ticket

As you can see, there are so many good laws and in our minds, if we break any of these, we will get a ticket. So, from the moment we get our drivers license, we pay attention to all the road rules so that we don't break them and by not breaking them, we don't offend the other drivers on the road. And to make sure that we don't break the rules, we have our local enforcement officers who are great at what they do and protect the law and keep peace at the highest level.

So, can somebody tell me, what do we do when Malaysia's finest"BREAK THE DAMM LAW!!!!!!"

Monday, October 13, 2008

Singapore F1 - Amber Lounge with Johnnie Walker

Singapore GP was kick ass. OH!MY!GOD! That's all I can say. Where do I even begin telling you what I did. Ok! ok! I know - I'll tell you everything.

My mates and I headed down to SG on Friday and we decided to take the bus - high class bus ok - Aeroline. As usual, the 4 of us got into the bus and headed straight to the lounge downstairs. The bus ride was rather decent - drinking water, coke and rootbeer while we played cards. Then, this one tall girl decided to join us - so happened that she is Miss Malaysia Universe 2008. Ha! ha! We only knew that when we reached Spore and she gave me her business card. I give her a star for modesty.

Friday was chilled for us. Didn't do much crazy stuff. Saturday - that's a different story. AMBER LOUNGE was the destination. We started off the day in Little India with some nice traditional Indian lunch followed by shopping in Mustafa's. Very cheap colognes - guys - this is the place to buy your personal hygiene items coz even after currency conversion, its still cheap! Then we headed to Vivo City for some Oktoberfest beers. This was our invitation to the hottest party in town - Johnnie Walker Amber Lounge. We headed down to Millenia Walk (behind Conrad Hotel) around 9pm. That's when the party starts.
We saw the F1 track on the way there.

The city was plasted with Johnnie Walker branding. I must say - kudos to the regional and the local Spore team that worked their asses off to make F1 Spore memorable for Johnnie Walker consumers. On the way to the party location, we spotted cabs with Johnnie Walker branding. Lifestyle billboards of the Striding Man and also lollipop boys and girls who act as directional signages to JW parties in the city. How cool is that!!

Ok, this is my experience in Amber Lounge - it's been the only thing everyone spoke about since JW signed with the organizers. The moment we arrived, we were greeted by the JW girls in velvet type uniform. They gave me a marker and asked me to sign the huge backdrop - taking a pledge to Never Drink and Drive - I signed coz I didn't drive in Spore anyways :)
Then we moved to another backdrop for photo opportunity. Me and the boys posed as sexy as we could - that wasn't hard to do really!!
We were then ushered into the temporary built up club - Sonia Irvine personally tagged me upon verifying my invitation. In case you don't know who she is - she own's Amber Lounge! We were then ushered into the main arena where we picked up our JW cocktail from a beautiful JW ambassador.

L-R: JW Grand Prix, JW Yellow Flag, JW Black Circuit, JW Aerodynamic, JW Cockpit, JW Pit Stop

Immediately after that, another JW promoter girl ushered us to a seating area and introduced us to our waitress. On our table, was a bucket with pre-chilled Johnnie Walker Black Label - 2 bottles, Smirnoff Vodka - 1 bottle and Tiger Beer - 4 bottles. On top of that, there was a menu of drinks that you can order from the bar - FOC!!
The guest list was by invitation only so you can't buy your way into the Friday event at Amber Lounge. I felt so honored to be invited. Everyone there was beautiful and gorgeous. And they were all dressed to impress. The rest of the night was party party party! We had more friends join us at our lounge area and it was non-stop pounding of alcohol but in a very responsible manner. No one was acting rowdy so we behaved. Bernie Chan was there with her yellow earplugs strapped around her neck. She was hilarious - she's good fun! I like Bernie coz she's always the happy go lucky kind and has no "air" in her that she is a celebrity. Very down to earth - but BOYS!!!! she can hold her liquor. Also, Karen Chuan was there with us partying the night away. All in all, this is the first time I've been out partying with absolutely very drama-free crowd.
After all that drinking, I went to the outside bar for some fresh air and guess what - more drinking happened there at the outdoor bar. This time, I decided to become bartender. That was fun! You meet alot of people being a bartender and they tend to talk to you if you look like a capable bloke!
One of my mates - Max Loong was also there partying with his super cool parents. For those who don't know Max, he's a movie star and a TV host. Check him out - He is super cool too. He was super high - but who wasn't. Holla bro!!
Surin was "THE" man that night. He is probably the 1st person ever to take a 2 hour nap at Amber Lounge. If you think I'm pulling a fast one - check out the pic below. The man passed out - he wasn't tired - but was very high. I guess that happens when you pound alcohol into your system really really fast!!
Well, we are all glad that he got some sleep - in fact, he was the only one who got lots of sleep!!
Just as the night was winding down, I managed to get a pic with Colin (center) who is the brand ambassador for JW Malaysia and Singapore and also Alvin who is the Brand Manager for JW in Singapore - in other words - my colleagues! ha! ha! Now you all know how I got invited to Amber Lounge.

Siblings Bonding

It's been awhile since my brother and I went out for drinks - just the two of us. You see, my brother and I are very close. There's a 5 year gap between us but whenever we are out, no one ever believes it when we say we are brothers. Their immediate reaction - "Everybody also brother la bro!". But when we tell them that we are from the same parents, that's when they fall off their seat. Well, I guess we have sibling rivalry experience to blame. Not many people believe that 2 siblings can we close like best friends.
My brother (Kumar) and I have always shared a room ever since we were kids. I guess it was a good thing that our parents did this. We fought - oh GOD! you better believe it. But our fights never ends on bad terms. Even now, we get into fights but its more matured - we fight about what we are doing wrong in life, or for not being responsible for our own actions or merely just not being a good son and/or brother. Recently, I got an earfull from my brother because I was being selfish and neglecting my responsibility as a son. Although things were said and feelings were hurt, but at the end, we both know that it's for the better of our relationship. Just like that, he got an earful from me for his stupid actions which I rather not say here but he acknowledged his fault.
Comes a point in life where fighting over small things don't matter and that we need to look at the bigger picture and move on. He has and will always be the icon of success in my eyes. Everything that I have and am today is his charity and no matter what it takes, I will stand by him and see things through. If it wasn't for his sacrifice, I would have probably graduated from a community college and be working as a clerk in some small company. But thanks to him, here I am with this fancy job and fancy life. I agree that I have changed which in some case is good but my biggest mistake is that, I changed towards him - which isn't right! I will always be his little brother no matter how old I am. In his words - "I am the apple of his eyes!"
I have seen him struggle, suffer and break down but if there is anyone in this world that has strong willpower and determination, its him! I could never do what he does! The risks he takes, putting his life on hold and on the line - amazing. I truly thank GOD for giving a brother who has nothing but love for me and his family.
My next life - I wish I become his elder brother so that I can give me everything that he has given me and more!