Monday, October 13, 2008

Siblings Bonding

It's been awhile since my brother and I went out for drinks - just the two of us. You see, my brother and I are very close. There's a 5 year gap between us but whenever we are out, no one ever believes it when we say we are brothers. Their immediate reaction - "Everybody also brother la bro!". But when we tell them that we are from the same parents, that's when they fall off their seat. Well, I guess we have sibling rivalry experience to blame. Not many people believe that 2 siblings can we close like best friends.
My brother (Kumar) and I have always shared a room ever since we were kids. I guess it was a good thing that our parents did this. We fought - oh GOD! you better believe it. But our fights never ends on bad terms. Even now, we get into fights but its more matured - we fight about what we are doing wrong in life, or for not being responsible for our own actions or merely just not being a good son and/or brother. Recently, I got an earfull from my brother because I was being selfish and neglecting my responsibility as a son. Although things were said and feelings were hurt, but at the end, we both know that it's for the better of our relationship. Just like that, he got an earful from me for his stupid actions which I rather not say here but he acknowledged his fault.
Comes a point in life where fighting over small things don't matter and that we need to look at the bigger picture and move on. He has and will always be the icon of success in my eyes. Everything that I have and am today is his charity and no matter what it takes, I will stand by him and see things through. If it wasn't for his sacrifice, I would have probably graduated from a community college and be working as a clerk in some small company. But thanks to him, here I am with this fancy job and fancy life. I agree that I have changed which in some case is good but my biggest mistake is that, I changed towards him - which isn't right! I will always be his little brother no matter how old I am. In his words - "I am the apple of his eyes!"
I have seen him struggle, suffer and break down but if there is anyone in this world that has strong willpower and determination, its him! I could never do what he does! The risks he takes, putting his life on hold and on the line - amazing. I truly thank GOD for giving a brother who has nothing but love for me and his family.
My next life - I wish I become his elder brother so that I can give me everything that he has given me and more!

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