Thursday, October 30, 2008

Knight Rider

I finally watched the much talked about "Knight Rider" the movie. I must say, although it doesn't have it's original look anymore but it still has really cool stuff.
I was able to get my hands on some really cool pictures from NBC when they did the launch of the Knight Rider movie. They showcased 3 similar Ford Shelby GT500KR Mustang - 1 had the capability to be remotely controlled within a mile radius. The 2nd was knowned as the KITT Hero - which is the everyday car which pushes a total of 540 bhp to the wheel. The 3rd version is known as the KITT Attack - super high-speed version of the Hero car.
This is the 1st car which was being controlled remotely.
Another shot of the car approaching. The car is fantastic and it's a beautiful car. Many critics would say that the whole KITT feel is lost with this car and that they should have kept to the traditional Pontiac Trans Am but I think this car looks mean and sexy.
The entire of the car however doesn't look futuristic at all. Very plain and very standard. The steering wheel doesn't have that KITT feeling anymore compared to the original version.
Although I like the car and the stunts and the technology, the overall plot of the movie wasn't that great. Firstly, the acting felt like it was a "B" grade movie. Here's the cast from left to right: Justin Bruening, Deanna Russo, Bruce Davison, and Sydney Tamiia Poitier. Bruce Davison is a veteran who acted well but the rest of them, not really '1st class' material.
The storyline is simple - Charles Graiman (played by Brude Davison) who created KITT, encounters a face-off with some evil people who are trying to steal the blue print of KITT which he has protected for over 20 years. In light of this, he disappears and KITT is programmed to search and protect Charles's only daughter who teaches in Stanford Uni - Sarah Graiman.
The story then unveils around Sarah and her ex-boyfriend whom KITT is also programmed to take Sarah to - Mike Tracer. Pretty much - boy protects girl whom he left for another girl but soon find themselves in love again after a heroic life saving attempt.
My judgement call - watch the movie for the car and stunts - not so much for it's story! Cos there is none. Oh! Yes! Michael Knight (David Hasselhoff) does come on at the end for like 5 minutes to give some words of wisdom to Mike Tracer who is actually his son.
Drama! Drama! Drama! Unlike the original stunt where KITT comes out of a moving truck, in the movie, it comes out of a moving-about to take off aircraft!

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