Monday, November 10, 2008

Haters never succeed

It's such a weird world we live in. We speak about love, affection, compassion, care, honesty, trust, loyalty, etc. But in reality, none of these exist in this world, let alone within ourselves. I mean, think about it, if all these are in face a reality, there will be no wars, no fighting, no dispute, no ugly confrontations and most definitely there will be no enemies.
I've experienced this quite a number of times but the recent experience is by far the chart topper. I've always told people - the first time is always the hardest but when you've done it a few times, it's a walk in the park really.
I do not understand people and how stupid they can be in speaking words of accusation knowing clearly that the world is small. It might have been a statement of innocence or a joke but the interpretation from the world seems different and that exact interpretation can ruin one's career! So, what do you do when one of your best buddies decides to turn around and accuse you of being corrupt??!!
This is how I see things - purely jealousy!! Like 2 famous rappers once said:
1) "Killers wanna hate, let them hate but watch they money pile up" - 50 cents - means - if these jealous people wanna hate on you for doing a good job, let them be coz at the end, they loose out in terms of time and wealth coz they are too busy hating while you're too busy making a living and saving that cash up.
2. "Thugs change, Love changes and best friends become strangers" - NAS - means - nothing in this life is forever and things always change. Just let it be.
So, what have I learnt from this entire experience?? Do your own thing and let the "dogs" bark as long as they want!

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