Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Merry Christmas

I am now convinced that the festive mood in Malaysia is long dead. I mean, year after year, the excitement, joy and anticipation of a festive holiday is no longer in existence.
This year was as bad as last year. Kids have all grown to realise that Santa Claus is a myth and truly doesn't exist. A kid this year told me that all his presents are from his parents who sneak downstairs to place them under the tree. Let's face it - kids are alot more intelligent these days compared to before. I guess they just act as though they are excited about Santa just to make their parents proud all all the lies they've been telling them about this guy in a suit and just don't wanna upset or disappoint them that he/she knew from the beginning the Santa doesn't exist.
This Christmas, I thought it would be fun but sadly, the year wasn't any different than the last. All the restaurants and clubs make it impossible to even plan a night out coz the prices keep escalating every year and paying RM500 for a meal is just stupid when it only costs RM150 on normal days. Cost of alcohol increases about 80% just they know people have no choice but to pay that amount if they wanna party in the city or anywhere for that matter.
I did Jack this Xmas and that's exactly what I'll do for New Year's as well.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Rest In Peace - Brittany Murphy

2009 has claims the lives of many talented individuals around the world. With Michael Jackson and Patrick Swayze being top on the list. Now, we have lost yet another talented star. A tribute to a wonderful and charming actress - Brittany Murphy. She was only 32 when she suffered cardiac arrest. Born in Atlanta, Georgia on Nov 10, 1977(God! She's my age!!), Brittany acted alongside Eminem in 8 Mile as well as Alicia Silverstone in Clueless.
It's scary to think that heart-attack's know no age or lifestyle. Hits you when you least expect it.
It's gonna be a healthy lifestyle in 2010.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Wonderful Moment

My best friend since 10 years old recently got married. I've know him since we were in Standard 4 in St.John's and never went separate ways till Form 5. Now, that's history. So, obviously when he told me that he was getting married, I was thrilled. I did everything I could to help him out with his wedding plans coz I knew he would do the same for me. He also made me give a speech as the best-man - now that was nerve wrecking but I think I did alright but I did make sure that all the words used were chosen carefully. The deco of the venue was beautifully done and the guests were pretty happy with the whole dinner event. Some guests were glued to the bar which was serving whisky, cognac and wine as well as beer on the other side. Now you know why people were happy.
Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure - Congratulations Anand & Ira.

This is the newly weds - Anand & Ira

The proud parents of the groom - Dr & Mrs Doraimanickam

And since Anand was put on the spot to give a speech......

He did the same to his new wife.....!

His mom saying her Thanks to the guests

Family shot

Family cheers

Anand having a chat with 3 lovely ladies

In true Chinese style - the Yam Seng

The wedding car - followed the theme

Friday, December 11, 2009

Once It's Gone

Human behavior is funny really. We all have made mistakes - me included. But like the saying goes - I'm only human - born to make mistakes - coz that's how we learn to better ourselves.
Have you ever been in a position where, you miss out on the one true thing in your life because you were too busy chasing after something that you thought that was meant to be? I have! And today, as my eyes open up to reality and what life truly means, I've come to realise that the one true thing in my life, was right in front of me but I was too damm busy chasing after a dream / nightmare - whatever it may be - but I wasn't sensitive enough to realise the honesty and sincerity of this person.
I was sitting on my high horse - with an aerial view of what I thought was the perfect life that I was living and leading. I wasn't sensitive enough to those around me. Family - they will always forgive you because that's what blood means - right or wrong, good or bad, they stick by you. I was living a life where I thought those people around me, will always be around no matter what I do - man was I wrong.
I've hurt many - knowing or unknowingly but I've hurt them. I've ignored those that matter. I've wounded those who loved me. I've neglected those who have made me. But just like life, you always get a second chance but not in every aspect.

If you're reading this, know this.

The hurt and the pain will never go away permanently but will always be there as a constant reminder of what I've done and what I should never do. Which on many different levels is a good thing coz now I have something always telling me if I'm being an ass. I've lost you but it doesn't mean you've vanished. It's only fair that I feel the pain that I've caused you only to know how much I've meant to you so that I can appreciate what you had for me.

I take my hats off for you for the things you've put up with. I take my hats off to you for the pain you've managed to successfully cover up and keep a smile on your face. I take my hats off to you for always being there no matter what the situation. Most of all - I take my hats off to you for what you stand for.

May 2010 be a year where wrong become right and bad become good and appreciation growns.

The World - The Money

Ponder on these facts:

1. The two Ambani brothers can buy 100 percent of every company listed on the Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) and would still be left with $30 billion to spare

2. The four richest Indians can buy up all goods and services produced over a year by 169 million Pakistanis and still be left with $60 billion to spare

3.The four richest Indians are now richer than the forty richest Chinese.

4.In November, Bombay Stock Exchange benchmark Sensex flirted with 20,000 points. As a onsequence, Mukesh Ambani's Reliance Industries became a $100 billion company (the entire KSE is capitalized at $65 billion). Mukesh owns 48 percent of Reliance.

5.In November, comes Neeta's birthday. Neeta turned forty-four three weeks ago. Look what she got from her husband as her birthday present:
A sixty-million dollar jet with a custom fitted master bedroom, bathroom with mood lighting, a sky bar, entertainment cabins, satellite television, wireless communication and a separate cabin with game consoles. Neeta is Mukesh Ambani's wife, and Mukesh is not India's richest but the second richest.

6. Mukesh is now building his new home, Residence Antillia at a cost of $1 billion this would be the most expensive home on the face of the planet. At 173 meters tall Mukesh's new family residence, for a family of six, will be the equivalent of a 60-storeyed building. The first six floors are reserved for parking. The seventh floor is for car servicing and maintenance. The eighth floor houses a mini-theatre.
Then there's a health club, a gym and a swimming pool. Two floors are reserved for Ambani family's guests. Four floors above the guest floors are family floors all with a superb view of the Arabian Sea .
On top of everything are three helipads. A staff of 600 is expected to care for the family and their family home.

7. In 2004, India became the 3rd most attractive foreign direct investment destination. Pakistan wasn't even in the top 25 countries. In 2004, the United Nations, the representative body of 192 sovereign member states, had requested the Election Commission of India to assist the UN in the holding elections in Al Jumhuriyah al Iraqiyah and Dowlat-e Eslami-ye Afghanestan. Why the Election Commission of India and not the Election Commission of Pakistan? After all, Islamabad is closer to Kabul than is Delhi .

8. Imagine, 12 percent of all American scientists are of Indian origin; 38 percent of doctors in America are Indian; 36 percent of NASA scientists are Indians; 34 percent of Microsoft employees are Indians;
and 28 percent of IBM employees are Indians.

9. For the record: Sabeer Bhatia created and founded Hotmail... Sun Microsystems was founded by Vinod Khosla. The Intel Pentium processor, that runs 90 percent of all computers, was fathered by Vinod Dham.
Rajiv Gupta co-invented Hewlett Packard's E-speak project. Four out of ten Silicon Valley start-ups are run by Indians. Bollywood produces 800 movies per year and six Indian ladies have won Miss Universe /Miss World titles over the past 10 years.

10. For the record: Azim Premji, the richest Muslim entrepreneur on the face of the planet, was born in Bombay and now lives in Bangalore. India now has more than three dozen billionaires; Pakistan has none (not a single dollar billionaire).

11. The other amazing aspect is the rapid pace at which India is creating wealth. In 2002, Dhirubhai Ambani, Mukesh and Anil Ambani's father, left his two sons a fortune worth $2.8 billion. In 2007, their combined wealth stood at $94 billion. On 29 October 2007, as a result of the stock market rally and the apprecia- tion of the Indian rupee, Mukesh became the richest person in the world, with net worth climbing to US$63.2 billion (Bill Gates, the richest American, stands at around $56 billion).

Ponder of the facts!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

As I Welcome 2010......

I would like to take a moment to cherish 2009 and all the people who have been part of my life in making me a better person. You might have been around only for a moment but nevertheless, you were in my life. These are the people who have thought me valueable lesson in life and also have made me realise that friends are hard to make - good friends are hard to keep - best friends are hard to come by - so cherish everyone that you know because you never know which category they will fall into.
Don't ever eliminate any of your friends for anything coz at the end of the day, nothing is worth giving up good friends for!
So, salute to you all and I am truly happy to have you in my life!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Round One Begins

Well, last Saturday was insane. My day started at 10pm and ended at 8am. Technically, I got home very early. I have been missing from the party scene for about 8 months as I became slightly domesticated but realised that I'm not one who can stay home no matter what. Maybe the decision was a good one and so Thank You for that.
Friends, colleagues, strangers were all there to help finish the 7 bottles of Johnnie Walker Black Label. It was tough (yeah right!)but it was done with pride. I think alot of people were quite happy to see me in a club after a longgggg time. I've promised them that I will make this a weekly affair. Enjoy the pictures :)