Thursday, November 27, 2008


I'm new to the world of blogging - i agree! When I was first introduced to this world, I had no idea what blogging was all about until someone finally told me "Oi! It's just your diary la -except that it's online lor!" - that made sense. Then I questioned, "Isn't a diary suppose to be private and a secret?" to which my friend told me "Hey, don't ask too many questions! If you want to blog, then blog, if not shut up!"
Now, I also wanna be famous mah so I started blogging but rather than making it like a diary, I decided to treat it like an expression of who I am and what I go through daily in my life - I share things that I don't mind people reading about and going "Oh! So that's what he did!"
I've read alot of blogs since I started blogging(actually I'm more of a writer than a blogger) and I've realised one thing - many people are blogging for money now - which isn't a bad thing but I always thought that blogs are personal expression and everything and anything said on blogs are actual facts and true feelings and emotions of a person. So, if a brand asks you to blog about their product, the idea is to get the hard truth about what the blogger thinks about the brand / product and have his/her readers exposed to it. Now, that's powerful because no brand influences the mind and thoughts of a blogger.
I've also read some blogs that are merely giving information - might as well call these blogs as a "directory" coz that's what they are. It's becoming more of hard-sell advertising rather than anything else. I remember reading a blog that literally depicts what was printed on a clubs flyer - door policy, cover charge, music played in the club, etc. These are information that are available on the clubs website. Now, when I read a blog, I wanna know about what the blogger feels, experiences, wants, desires, etc - not another ad. Granted that brands will want bloggers to write about the product / brand but what should come out is brutal honesty. If the product or brand is crap, then say just that!
Anyway, I will try to keep my blog as personal as possible so that you all know exactly what I feel about certain things without any fabrication to make it look good.

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