Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Here's the thing about marriage - you meet a girl, you fall in love, you get married! Life is a honeymoon and then you have kids then a new life begins all together.
Marriage is a beautiful institution but it's not for everyone. Some people prefer to be single and enjoy a bachelor life throughout their life. In a man's life, he goes through alot of things. Parties, women, drugs, party, women, drugs, party, women......you get the point. When you're dating, you're technically not bound to a certain life which means nothing is certain. When you're dating, you're also exposed to many elements in life. Some guys are pretty sleek with their actions and have a reputation of being a playboy! Nothing wrong in that really! You're not married and so, technically, nothing prevents you from being a playboy. If you're dating, you can still have the same reputation except that you don't sleep around with other girls but instead flirt with them in a very friendly and harmless manner. Cheating only comes in play when there is physical sexual contact with the opposite gender besides your girlfriend / wife. Harmless flirting doesn't hurt anyone as long as people know their limits and know where to draw the line.
Comments such as "Before you decide to get married, you better clean up your life!" - these statements are just stupid and really doesn't make sense. What a guy/girl does with his or her life depends on them - as long as they don't cheat the other person.
Marriage has always been a pressure to me!

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