Monday, November 17, 2008


Back in the late 90's, there was a tale of a beggar who begged in Damansara Uptown area. This same beggar, lives in a brick bungalow and is driven in a S-Class by his driver to his begging area.
I see alot of these beggars on our streets. Believe me - I do feel bad for them that they have to beg but I also have my own thoughts on these exact same people.
1. They make so much more money than any one of us - coz they don't pay taxes, etc.
2. They now have an assistant to walks with them to direct them on which tables to approach and request for money - CAN'T THESE IDIOT'S WHO ASSIST THEM, TAKE CARE OF THEM RATHER THAN LETTING THEM BEG? I mean, get a job and support these blind people.
3. Most of these beggars are blind or partially blind - they still have 2 hands and legs - get a job! The government should provide jobs for them.
4. There are also some beggars who are crippled but they are not stupid right!! Here's a thought - why not give them jobs sitting in toll-booths giving out toll tickets? A good way to battle unemployment and begging right? Besides, we have millions of toll booths in this country anyway!
5. We all do our charity in our own way - my family does it through the temple and also help orphanage in the country with food. But when these people approach you in a restaurant and you refuse to give them any money, they look at you as though you had done something criminally wrong. Come on!! Get a life! While you're at it, get a freaking job!
I honestly feel that if someone begs for money, buy them food instead coz then at least you will know where the food is going!

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