Monday, March 23, 2009


Ok. This was my first Sunburst and since Johnnie Walker was sponsoring the VIP deck, I was given some VIP passes. So a few friends and I headed to Sunburst. Firstly, thank GOD I had VIP car pass coz the parking on the street streched all the way to Hartamas...geezzhhh!!
We drove into the club and stopped at the first check point where our tickets were checked and we were tagged with hand tags. Then we proceeded to look for the parking spot which happened to be right by the entry point near the Silent Disco. Let me tell ya - although it's a cool concept, it was funny watching a bunch of people with headphones jumping, dancing and singing to tunes that none of us could here without the headphone.
The only reason why I wanted to go was to watch Pharrel Williams of N.E.R.D. Thier show was good. But I think they were pissed with the organizers coz half way through the show, Pharrel actually told the guards to f%$k-off and let people come on stage. That didnt go too well with security but N.E.R.D didn't give a damm what they thought. By the end of the show, there were almost 50 over people on stage dancing with the group.
Then came on Korn - music that I call rubbish coz it's not singing but it's screaming. I don't even know how to enjoy such music where you don't know what it's about. Can't sing along to and can't even dance to.
The VIP area was pathetic coz it was empty and it was freaking far away from civilization. Johnnie Walker was behind the bar but apparently, they have specific bar-tenders serving specific drinks - how stupid. Jaeger was they so we tried that with Red Bull - cough syrup tasted better. So since that was a failure, we decided to head down to common ground.
We hung out at the Tuborg area where I met some friends. Most of them were completely drunk coz they've been drinking since noon - bodoh kan!!
The best part about the whole event was the Speedzone Tour marque. It was cooling, good music and there were alot of people whom we knew so we partied there all night. Towards the end of the night, I was behind the DJ console (I'm not that important but I know everyone there so I got access) and finally I was able to drink some Johnnie Walker Black Label....aaaa!!!!!
Overall, my impression - a complete failure to Sunburst. Some artists that were suppose to perform didn't even show up and no one told us anything.
Next year - stay home!

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