Monday, March 16, 2009

Bangkok - Amazing Thailand

I've been travelling quite a bit now with my brother and it really helps the bonding session between us. Also, Sudesh who is also my "brother" has been travelling with us as well. Timing is perfect because somehow work comes in play so it's not all loss.
We stayed at the Pathumwan Princess hotel in Bangkok - 5 star with 3 star pricing - how cool is that. This is Cheri -who was our faithful server at the hotel bar and after the 2nd day, she knew what we drank and when we drank it. Some people call it the "identification of an alcoholic" but we like to think that she's got great memory power.
This is the new Bangkok airport - let me tell ya - stupid ass system. The country is great but the airport is crappy! When I was taking this picture, some 4ft 2inch security ding-bat came up to me and told me "No pictures" and I figured she said that coz I'm Asian and so when I spoke with an American accent, she smiled and said "It's ok sir". Freaking hell!! Double standards! Thank GOD she isn't the mascot of the country or else no one will visit Thailand.
My room was great! Huge bathroom (sorry forgot to take picture). Comfy bed and great view.
The room was about 900 sq feet and that's huge - a little service apartment minus the kitchen.
I told you the view was great. This is the semi-olympic size pool at the hotels neighbouring sports complex. Like I swim but the thought was fun!
While everyone sipped on beer (and the fact that I'm off beer completely - been 5 months now) I decided to chill with Smirnoff Ice - best drink on a HOT day!
Now, this is traditional. It's like going to Egypt and not seeing the Pyramids. We dove into every damm Tom Yam Kung we could find. It was spicy as hell but who cares when you're having fun.
There is a street in Bangkok where the European's live - filled with bars and budgets hostels. These were populated with back-packers (somehow I don't know how they do it but they do) and my brother had this fascination of sitting by the bar and just watch how these people behave. Indeed it was funny!
This was a classic photo opportunity. A bar actually had this sign up at the entrance. I started laughing at this. Then I was told that many Thai's carry guns which is why this sign was put up coz apparently these Thai's are trigger happy when they get pissed off - good thing we didn't piss anyone off!! We were very friendly tourist - a trait that comes with good up-bringing :)
Believe it or not, in my own country I don't know how the subway, monorail or LRT works but in Bangkok, I travelled on trains. Cool!!!!
This is a good lesson for those damm motorcyclists in our country who don't know what "Road Manners" means. In Thailand, the queue up like cars - how nice. They don't go around mugging, kidnapping, stealing or fighting with people.
The airport was well dec'ed out. Beautiful structure of Thai culture.
Another shot of the airport deco. This little kid was wondering what it was and was trying to walk into the alter.
Many think that Bangkok is a heaven for men "ONLY". In fact it isn't. Shopping is really cool here as well. Just gotto be careful on what you buy coz it could be fake but if you're one who only buys original stuff, you can tell the difference.

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