Monday, April 6, 2009

Malaysian Rich Kids.....

I recently read a blog that was posted by someone who resides outside of Malaysia. The blog is really interesting and it speaks the complete truth and actual facts of life around ther world - especially Malaysia. It touches about Malaysian politicians, celebrities and recently - MALAYSIAN RICH KIDS! Check it out -

These kids are nothing but spoilt. Daddy and mommy are rich so they automatically become rich but sadly, these kids are suppose to be the one's who are potentially on track to lead our country but if you meet them now, this is what their life is:
1. Party
2. Do drugs
3. Flirt
4. Sleep around - being nice - sometimes multiple
5. Drink till kingdom comes
6. Drive drunk and get away from the cops because they are rich

Disgusting if you think about it! All the money in the world but NO Fr%$*ing brains whatsoever!
Do something for the country and do us a favor - GET A FREAKING DAMM BLADY LIFE AND IF YOU CAN -DISAPPEAR! You're not that hot without the make-up, and manicure and pedicures.

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