Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Joy & The Tear

Today, someone did something for me that really touched me deeply. I mean, besides my own brother who has done things for me that I can only dream of repaying. In my capacity, I can probably do 10% back for him but if I could I would do alot more for him.
But back to this one person - I consider him as my brother as well. He went missing for about 4 years which made me wonder what happened to him and that maybe my brother and I meant nothing to him but over the past 6 months or so, he has returned and we are just happy that this brother of ours is back.
This is the story of how this guy literally touched my heart - I've been shopping or have been in the mood for a new car - not brand new but rather used or recon. I've been searching for awhile now when all of a sudden, this brother of mine called and told me not to buy a car and that he has an option for me. He has a spare car that he wants to sell and instead of selling it off, he told me that I can take over the car and just continue the monthly payments.
Now, there is alot more to say about this whole offer but essentially what I wanna say is that, he is one person besides my own brother, who doesn't care about the money but rather cares for his friends and family. He could sell the car and make some easy cash but he didnt - rather thought about me and decided to offer this to me.
It is true - money can never tear closeness apart!!

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