Sunday, March 1, 2009

Who Gets The Bill???

I recently read this very interesting blog on a friends blog site - She had posted an entry about "who should pay - the guy or the girl"!
This is a very interesting blog entry because I believe that in our society, nothing is black & white anymore.
Vanessa makes a real valid point and believe me you - not many girls that I know think this way anymore. There is no harm in a girl picking up the bill! Lets travel back to the 60's: (teng teng teng)
In the 60's, women were pretty housewives and looked after the home and the kids and they cooked, cleaned, ironed and kept the house in one piece.
Today, many women are very much involved in the corporate world and believe me, it has made the world a much better place coz there is a neutrality in views in most organizations now. So, with them being involved in work world, means that their battle for equal gender rights is working and slowly the world is opening up to women making decision.
In my point of view, there is nothing wrong when a woman pays for the entire bill - we see the situation as it is but between the couple, there could be a deal - for example maybe she was taking him out to celebrate his promotion, or she lost a bet or she insisted that she pay, etc. So many possibilities but yet we generalize the guy and call him a loser.
I've been out many times and have had my friends who are girls paying - reason being, we have an understanding that I will take care of alcohol and they take care of food. Does that make me a pig? Of course not and believe me - I'm all about equal gender.
So, girls - don't be afraid to whip out your purses and swipe that card and guy - don't be afraid to lean back and chill while your lovely lady treats you!


toastbwead said...

ah...good point! =D some girls do mind forking the bill still but too bad for them i guess?

Hemanth said...

van - i agree with you. next time we go out, you pay!