Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Formula 1 team has launched the MP4-24 with which it will campaign in the 2009 FIA Formula 1 World Championship. The sexy looking car was unveiled by 2008 World Champion - Lewis Hamilton and his side-kick Heikki Kovalainen.
The new car bears little resemblance to its world championship-winning predecessor due to the introduction of new rules that have radically reshaped Formula 1.

Seen here pulling the cover off the new beast that Lewis will drive to try to capture his second chanpionship in 2009, is the new MP4-24 Vodafone McLaren Mercedes machine. It carries heavily revised bodywork, re-sculpted front and rear wings, slick tyres and a kinetic energy recovery system (KERS), the MP4-24 has been in development since September 2007 in order to successfully accommodate the huge changes that have been made to the technical regulations.

A full team shot by the new car, where test driver Pedro de la Rosa will conduct the first two days before the race drivers take over. Testing has always been fun to watch if you had to chance to - not only do they beat the crap out of the car, they also do everything and anything possible to damage the cars performance so that they can further tweak the quality that will go into the races.

Seen here is Ron Dennis who has now taken a back seat but will continue as an advisor to the team. I think it's about time the man chilled out but F1 will not be the same without him and especially McLaren, will feel the difference.

The No:1 resembles that this car is being driven by the World Champion from the previous year. Directly above it, resembles the worlds No:1 scotch whisky brand - he!he! had to drop some compliment.
I'm really excited about the upcoming Formula One season. Lewis is definitely under tremendous pressure to perform and with Ferrari stepping up their game, Lewis and McLaren cannot afford to take any risks in terms of team management and on-track performance. I guess it's about staying ahead rather than taking a huge leap.
The new MP4-24 looks very different with the tail wing looking alot sleeker than the previous version.
The line-up of the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes team. If you ask me, I think Heikki has great potential and if he isn't the 2nd driver and has the option to prove himself, he might just beat Lewis on-track.
The classic team walk.
And of course the usual "take a picture with the Vodafone" phone! Why not drink a whisky while you're at it!
The ever so con-fusing steering. If this was in my car, I would be crashing all over the place.
The element that makes the difference in the car.

And being proud sponsors of the team, Johnnie Walker globally and regionally and locally have executed some world class campaigns leveraging on the sponsorship.

Malaysia will not be left out of course so watch out in the coming months people - coz Johnnie Walker is gonna blow your mind!

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