Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Merry Christmas

I am now convinced that the festive mood in Malaysia is long dead. I mean, year after year, the excitement, joy and anticipation of a festive holiday is no longer in existence.
This year was as bad as last year. Kids have all grown to realise that Santa Claus is a myth and truly doesn't exist. A kid this year told me that all his presents are from his parents who sneak downstairs to place them under the tree. Let's face it - kids are alot more intelligent these days compared to before. I guess they just act as though they are excited about Santa just to make their parents proud all all the lies they've been telling them about this guy in a suit and just don't wanna upset or disappoint them that he/she knew from the beginning the Santa doesn't exist.
This Christmas, I thought it would be fun but sadly, the year wasn't any different than the last. All the restaurants and clubs make it impossible to even plan a night out coz the prices keep escalating every year and paying RM500 for a meal is just stupid when it only costs RM150 on normal days. Cost of alcohol increases about 80% just they know people have no choice but to pay that amount if they wanna party in the city or anywhere for that matter.
I did Jack this Xmas and that's exactly what I'll do for New Year's as well.

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