Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Brand New Start

So, for all those who have been a part of what has been going on in my life, thanks for being there and thanks for listening to all my complaining, moody face, mood swings, etc. I'm out and am out of it!
Life is actually pretty good. I've got so much more to be thankful for than just one "variable" in my life but then again, life is a variable isn't it.
Well, I sold my car - that's right people - the BMW Coupe is officially sold and it leaves my hand on week of Dec 14th. It would be sad to see her go but she is going to a better place. I'm moving on now and am thinking if I should get a 2009 BMW which will be a 4-door car but a 325i sport model or should I just go for a 2004 BMW M3 SMG II which is a 2-door convertible - oooooo!!!!!!! Hard choice - hard choice. I guess my requirement would be to get a "chick magnet" - why not - I am single and ready to mingle.

Work and career is fantastic. It has a direction and it's being steered by professional and supported by the people that TRULY love me for me and would never leave my side.
I have my own place and I own it and it's in a nice neighbourhood. I've got good friends who are also quality friends.
Life is good! Why should I complain! Those who matter, are still around. Those who don't matter - who are they again??? Hahahaha!

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