Friday, December 4, 2009

Thank GOD It's Friday.....

The week has been great. Work was fun and exciting. Met quite a few new faces and also old friends from primary and high school. Stayed away from trouble and drama's. Today has been quite relaxing. Did my year end review with the boss and scored a "Exceeds Expectation" scoring percentage which means, higher pay and bigger bonus hopefully :)
My friend is getting married tomorrow to his 9 year girlfriend - some of us can't even go through 6 months in a relationship - my hat's off to him.
Tomorrow night, is a night to party and meet more people. Hey, when you're single, you're ready to mingle.
So, the choices are - Velvet, Quattro, 789, 21 or Roots - don't know yet but need to make sure there are lots of girls. Living up to my expectations of being someone hard to trust :P
Signing off - Hemanth's left the building for the weekend!

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