Thursday, April 30, 2009

When Is Enough Enough

I've been thinking lately about relationships and what they mean. Some relationships are meant to be temporary while others last a life time. Now, we all want our relationships to last forever but the MAN upstairs might have a different game plan all together.
Some people are great when they are dating but are not meant for marriage while some are meant for marriage and not fit for dating and .........the list goes on.
Some have their own minds made up about what their life partner should be like and nothing can change that - just like them, I have my mind made up as well for several reason - some selfish while some not.
But that's not the point here. The point I'm trying to make is, they say that everyone has someone destined for them and you will realise this when you like the person not because of their physical attributes but rather their personality. If you like someone because of their physical outlook, its not genuine.
You know it's true when after meeting them for the first few times:
1. You can't recall what their body looks like.
2. You can't recall if they are thin, meaty, etc
3. You can't recall the smell of their perfume / cologne
4. You can't recall if they have a sexy walk
5. You recall the color of their eyes
6. You recall the color of their hair
7. You remember which is their writing hand
8. You remember what's their favorite food
9. You remember their smile
10. You remember the way they eat
11. You remember how she pushes her hair back
12. You remember her talk
13. You always sub-consciously hear their voice

As you can see, true liking is something that isn't linked to sexual attributes. If you achieve this, you're safe.
Now comes the hard part - so you found the person you like.
1. How do you make your move without coming across as desperate or looking like a stalker.
2. When do you know that you're over-doing the SMS, email?
3. How do you know you're over-doing the greeting cards?
4. How can you tell if they person likes you?
5. Should you play hard to get or just lay out the cards?
6. Should you play the ignoring game if the person does it?
7. Should you reply to the person's sms/email immediately even if that person doesn't?

It's a tough life for men especially when you feel strongly about someone but you're so scared that you might screw things up by coming out like a desperado. So instead, you act macho and risk losing a chance anyway.
My honest opinion - if you think it's someone that you see yourself growing old with, go for it at ANY cost. No point being macho to prove a point. No point playing hard to get - a girl will know if you like her - you just can't hide it.

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