Friday, April 24, 2009


When I was growing up, birthday meant so much to me and my brother coz we would be expecting a nice huge cake and presents - that's every little kids dream. My parents had a different train of thought - to them, it is good celebrate our birthdays but they didn't want to spoil us with material items which is why when they invite people over for the party, they would never tell them what the occasion was - that was a bummer really.
Back then, we were pissed, furious and upset but today, we actually appreciate what they did coz we never were impressed with material things and didn't live our lives by it. We couldn't be bothered about material items which in return makes us "non-materialistic"!
So, this year I turn 32 - age is just a number to me. I'm still 21 in my heart and soul except that I just can't party like a rockstar anymore - takes up too much energy and effort.
Birthday presents that I would expect this year:
1. Prescription for glasses - getting short sighted
2. A complimentary health check voucher
3. Wedding planner contact (given the pressure you get when you hit 30 and you're not married)
4. Super alarm clock - when you get older, its harder to wake up

So, Happy Birthday to me!

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