Friday, May 8, 2009


Someone recently told me that I'm a very optimistic person? Exactly right!! Me? For those who know me will definitely know that when it comes to being hopeful on things, I'm probably the last person to be optimistic about it. But I was rather impressed and honestly felt real good when I was told this.
Optimism by true definition is: Hopefulness and confidence about the future or success of something. Basically, whatever the situation, you always and will only hope, expect and wish for the best outcome even when you know you're doomed!
I've never known myself to be such a person. I've always doubted myself. I've always questioned my ability, capability and credibility - of course given the fact that when I'm put into a situation, I tend to do wonders but initially, I'm pretty scared.
I've always had this notion that others are always better than I am. That others are more gifted. Others are more appealing and attractive. Others are more admirable.

But I must admit, there are times, that I've been really super optimistic - very rarely but there have been times. I guess the feel only kicks in when there is something that I really feel strongly about and would go any distance to be part of it or own it. Like I said, it rarely happens, but when it does, the air that I breathe and the life that I live becomes secondary during the course of my adventure to win what I want.

So, to my dear friend - if you're reading this - Thank You and know that you've made a better difference in my life!

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J!M said...

I like this > "Hopefulness and confidence about the future or success of something." Hope is one thing that we can't afford to lose.