Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Jason Mraz

Ok...this post is rather delayed but better late than never right. I was given Jason Mraz concert passes by a media friend - thanks Mary Teoh! Although I'm very much a music enthusiast, I was never into attending concerts and all. My last concert was Bon Jovi in New Jersey in 2003 - so you can see how long that was right.
The concert wasn't really that bad really except that the setup was rather stupid.
As you can see, these were the tickets but there is another story to the seating arrangement that I settled for.
During his media conference, he looked really regular - nothing really exciting about him. When he speaks, he sounds like a white dude trapped in a black man's body and spirit - I mean, he sounds black and you would think he is black if you spoke to him over the phone.
The line to get in was not that bad altough we weren't allowed to bring food and drinks in which didn't make sense to me at all coz I understand that the organizers were worried that some of those people standing in front of the stage would throw shit up stage but those sitting in like "east-bum-fuck" can even throw anything close to the stage so they should be allowed to at least bring drinks in - water I mean!
So, about the seating. When I walked in, the line to get to the dedicated area was a mess so we decided to sit by the bench towards the side of the stage. Guess what - the stage was visible but the sound was purely meant for those standing directly in front of the stage. So, for people like us who were sitting on the side-lines, we could have a conversation without raising our voices one-bit! How pathetic is that!
The final bow before closing the show. In conclusion, the music and showmanship was good but the sound system was pathetic and I sometimes wonder if Malaysian concert organizers can ever do anything right! Now I know why when mega-huge-big names come down - like Michael Jackson, Bon Jovi, etc - they never let any Malaysian touch or handle the sound engineering and in fact they don't even use the local equipment.

My final thought - good music executed in a very poor manner! I've seen better!

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