Friday, April 10, 2009

Free Loaders......

This is something I can never understand - this world is full of them and you would be surprised on who actually free loads.
When my friends and I go out - and I mean CLOSE FRIENDS, money is never an issue because none of us free load off each other - which is why I emphasized on the word "CLOSE FRIENDS". The concept is simple - this round I buy, next round you buy, etc. So, the money poll (its what we refer to) stay in a circle and no one is taken advantage of by anyone.
I use to think that there are no such thing as free loaders - GOD! WAS I WRONG! My current job opened up my eyes to this phenomena. I've met alot of people with this job - consumers, media, celebs, friends of media, friends of celebs, club owner / operators, lawyers, doctors, etc. So you can see my diverse exposure to various inviduals.
Some of the people that I meet have good paying jobs and some even come from rich family background. So these are the people that drive those flashy expensive cars, carry platinum cards and wear Rolex watches and dress in all branded attire - but that's all it is! Just the damm freaking outlook! My closest experience is with individuals who hail from a certain industry which is full of fame and glamour but "satu sen pun takde!!!" - pariah betul!
I understand that not many can afford that cool lifestyle (not that I lead one ok!) but the best you can do is be upfront on what you can afford and at least pay for what you have / drink / eat! That common decency.
True to me, I've learnt and mastered the art of identifying these people and once is all they are gonnna get with me and that's it!
Lastly, believe me when I say this, it's those people who talk big about their family background, their influence in clubs and how they know this person / that person, "I am close to this celeb and that celeb" - these are the people who are majority in this "cheap" category. So, beware!

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J!M said...

Angle 1: Some feel shy/shame to say > Ego
Angle 2: Some never feel shy/shame to be 'free' > Selfish
Angle 3: Some never knows what is happening > Really Innocent
Angle 4: Some never knows what is happening > Innocent (But pretending...)

My humble way...
1. I wish I can all meals for those friend who I really like.
2. I'll never pay for those 'friend ' that 'not my way'.

*PS: Hey bro, bila nak makan? lol