Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Nudist @ Luna Bar by Mushi Mushi

I was recently invited to an event organized by Mushi Mushi Event here in Luna Bar KL.
The theme for the event - NUDE - where the creme de la creme come out and "PLAY" on a chilled out Sunday afternoon. These are the same peopl who are responsible for creating the social buzz wherever they go and always strive to be the best at their craft and at play.
The event was predominently to salute local talent that currently do not get the proper platform and recognition that they deserve.
Talents that Mushi Mushi Event (founded by DJ Haze) feature in their on-going year long event are those from Fashion, Art, Design, Advertising, Fil, Audio, Production, Musicians, Artists, Models and of course our very own home grown DJ's - the very same people that bring us entertainment.
I was fortunate to be part of it - although I am no musician, artists, etc but I knew some people who know some people who knew someone and got me in :)! I also managed to catch up with some old friends like Atilia and Reshmonu. The event was very chilled out where a few of us sat by the pool and sipped on our champagne and Johnnie Walker Black Label. At first we were a bit reluctant la coz being Sunday and all kan but after the first 2 drinks, it felt like Friday!! So you can imagine what happened after that la.
Meredith (in the middle) collaborated with DJ Haze (on the right) to make this possible. This chick was all over the place organizing it but managed to pull it off at the end. Apparently they were having some issues with the outlet which I don't understand coz the outlet should be glad that there are people actually stepping in there on a Sunday coz they are empty the rest of the week.
This was one of the models who was parading in a "innovative" tuxedo to duplicate the Striding Man from the Johnnie Walker brand. She did a good job - but she was too damm tall for me man! So shy standing next to her!
These were the NUDE models - they got cloths on la - just that it was skin color so that got some guys to act like "sakai's"!
Another shot of Meredith.
As you can see, my hands were behind me - nice guy ma! But the girls damm tall wei!
Everyone knows this dude - he walked in and then started scolding me coz apparently I've been appearing along side him in the papers lately and he feels that his thunder is being stolen away - what nonsense - lucky he's family!
Atilia as usual - the social bird! We are all happy for her, now that she's in a more solid position.
There's a reason why Atilia is sitting down - if I felt short next to these girls - imagine Atilia. Kesian! But you know what they say - good things come in small packages. :)
Finally, a good shot of Atilia and me. Spent most of the evening chatting with her and Reshmonu about what the music industry is like in Malaysia and it is truly depressing to hear the hardship that they need to go through to get recognized and supported. If they were in America, they would have shined!!
Well, the evening was great - good crowd, good drinks and good atmosphere and ambience. I also found out that DJ Haze has a No:1 hit in Europe but none of us here know about it - typical Malaysian right!
So, till the next event, adios!

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Imran Clyde said...

Yeah! It was a nice way to spend the Sunday evening :)

I admit I was one of the sakai's :P