Sunday, May 31, 2009


A friend of mine introduced me to this service product that her company is marketing and I thought it was really cool. MediaWire Sdn Bhd - a new digital media service company based out of Australia, also own "Txt Buddies", "Office Buddies" and "Target Buddies" program and platform. All of these are social as well as office communication tool to help minimize cost and increase productivity and interactivity.
Their new venture is called BuddiRewards and it is a fantastic tool for both consumers and organizations. What it does is really simple - if you are registered with buddirewards, everytime your phone rings, there will be an ad that plays during the ring period and after the call has ended. It is an interactive tool and if the ad gets your attention, all you need to do is "Click" on it, and it takes you to te website or portal for more info. Best part - YOU EARN MONEY doing this.
So, don't take my word for it - check it out yourself:

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