Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Crime In Malaysia

I've been reading about all these snatch thieves in Malaysia and it really bothers me and sickens me. Most of the victims are women who are apparently an easy target. I've heard and read some horrible stories about these mat rempits and what really depresses me is that our wonderful government isn't doing a damm thing about it. Come on - pregnant women being attacked in broad daylight by these menace to society; young girls being robs and rapped; pregnant women being dragged on the road; etc. SICK! SICK! SICK!
There is really a simple solution to all this but the first thing we all need to recognize and come to terms with is that "We cannot please and satisfy everyone in this country!" The faster we decide this, the better for our country. So, now lets do a deep dive into the issue - business style!
The Problem: Street Menace
The Area: Nationwide
The Level of Crime: Petty Crime, Snatch Thieve, Minor and Major Injury, Deatch
Consideration: Many use their motorcycle for work - despatch, etc.
Our country doesn't have a full fledge - convenient public transport
The Solution: State of Emergency Like Execution - motorcycle's are allowed to operate only within the hours of 8am - 7pm. Each motorcycle that is used for work (despatch) or used as a mode of transport to get to work, needs to be registered with the company so that each motorcycle is traceable in the event a crime report is made, etc. If any motorcycle's are found running on the street after 7pm, will be seized and destroyed without appeal or consideration.
What should our government do: Enhance, upgrade and make public transport more appealing so that those who actually use their motorcycle for legal and genuine work purpose, are now able to utilize a more convenient way to travel to work.
But our government will never think that far so all this is just public point of view!


ShaolinTiger said...

Its a multi-tiered problem, the main part being cars are just too expensive and salaries aren't high enough yet.

There are still too many people living at borderline poverty level and the NAP means most average families can't even afford to buy and run a Kancil.

Add to that riding a bike you don't have to pay tolls, petrol and road tax are dirt cheap.

This goes along with the economic problems that cause high levels of crime (low salaries mean people just simply don't have enough money to survive) often the simplistic and most opportunistic alternative is crime.

Jigga said...

True Gareth - which is why the government has alot to do before they blame others. The cost of cars are way too high for no reason! I still don't understand why an imported car costs nothing less than RM100K when the same damm car in another country is only RM20-RM30K even as an import.
Our public transport system is as bad and I honestly would never step foot in one because of the inconvenience it causes.
God save us!