Sunday, December 21, 2008

ZoukOut Singapore

So, it comes once a year and everyone just goes nuts over it! Now, in my mind, it's just another outdoor event - and my thought wasn't too far away from reality except that I didn't anticipate the hour long wait for a cab to take us out of Siloso Beach. What a bitch that was!! Finally, we had to actually share a cab with this lovely couple who didn't mind dropping us off just outside of Sentosa - right outside of St.James so that we could get a cab from there back to the hotel.
Ok, so, that was the only pain-in-the-ass thing that happened.
Here are some pictures to tell you the rest of the story! Overall, it was a decent party with access to booze all night long at reasonable prices. They had bars located everywhere. They also had some games such as the trampoline, tattoo artists, massages and face painting.
Besides the great line up of DJ's, the other fascinating element of the night was the fact that our "shy" asian girls are now NO LONGER SHY!!!!! There were girls walking around with just bikini's and some bikini's barely covering jack-shit! Might as well don't wear the damm thing! Another interesting fact that I noticed (and I'm sure you all noticed but just don't have the balls to say it) is that many asian girls these days are beginning to have bigger boobs!! I don't know if it's the good food that they are consuming or it's just the bra but they are looking HUGE!
Of course, the group of us who went had a blast and some people even took it a step further and decided to get really drunk and dance with random dudes - ala Janet Jackson style!
This girl was classic - she was sitting alone posing so we decided to approach her and tell her that she looks perfect to be a calendar girl. We asked her to pose for the camera and she did - HOW VAIN! Then a friend of ours wanted to meet her and as they walked towards her, her "white" boyfriend returned and as soon as he sat, she started making out with him with so much passion. This is probably what went through her mind: "Wah! They think I'm HOT! I better make out with my boyfriend to prove a point that I'm not available". What went through our mind:
"Cheh! Like la she damm hot! So pariah looking! Let's take a picture as a joke!!"
The girls.....Cindy, Bess, Wendy and Joanne
Me with the girls - just had to la!!!
Now, I'm sure you would have heard the saying "Angel falling from the sky" - this was almost the similar case. Michael was sitting down and Bess stepped back not realising he was there and fell onto his lap!! Meant for each other!!

Well, as you can see, it was good fun. Obviously some of us went home before the party ended coz we've been to hundreds of these parties so they all look the same after awhile. The younger crowd, who went to Singapore to sleep and eat in the hotel and go to ZoukOut, of course partied till 8am. Funny thing is, they spent the entire time in Singapore sleeping and eating in the hotel. Funny people!!! But weird!!!

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