Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ultimate Asprey Fashion Showcase

Valiram Group together with Lexus Malaysia had a "by invitation only" event last night at the Lexus showroom in Mutiara Damansara. The event was a special screening of the Asprey Collection. I got there at 7pm (event starts at 6:30pm) - normal la - Malaysian standard time. As soon as I entered the venue, it started raining.
I must say, the showroom lookd really beautiful. And the cars that were on display - OH!MY!GOD! Blew my mind away. The Lexus is a beautiful car.
This is the new IS250 - not launched yet in the market. Approx in the price range of RM270,000 - RM320,000. Freaking expensive right!

Again, the IS250 in white.
This is the LS460 - luxury on it's own. This car is retailing at RM720,000 but trust me, it is pure luxury and it's like a home in there. Reclining seats (even the rear one's man!!) and with massage options. Ooooo!!!
Now, the event itself was pathetic. There were more staff at the venue compared to invited guests. I'm sure the organizers would have been really disappointed with the turn out. There were some guests but not interesting though.
Even Siew Mun and Shanice were freaking bored out of their brains that they actually left half way.
This is the funny part - while we were sipping on our drinks and muching on some food, suddenly the music came on and some tall-ass chicks started walking around the showroom showing off some handbags and jewelry! Took us a while to understand what was going on then it hit us - "Oh! This is fashion show la!!" The models were hot (talking about the girls here).
The little girl was so fascinated with this particular model, that everytime she came out, the little girl would go stand next to her and pose. Very cute - both of them!
More models.
And this particular model was very friendly and quite good with camera's. I'm not a photography freak so I walk around with my little Sony Ericsson phone with camera function but somehow, she made my camera look good!
Overall, quite a disappointing event especially coming from Valiram Group. I've been to their other events which were kick ass. Guess this wasn't that important.

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