Sunday, January 4, 2009

Done with 2008 - Deal with 2009

Another year has passed and so many things have happened and I'm thankful for. These are some of the things that are on my top list:

1. I am a home owner
2. I live on my own
3. My brother and I grew so much closer
4. My niece is 5 years old now
5. My nephews are now 3 years old
6. My parents retired
7. My new boss is great
8. I learned who my true friends are
9. I'm stable on my own - finally
10. I put on weight (not good)
11. A really good friend is now "just a friend" - I tried wei
12. It's all about quality now and no longer quantity when it comes to friends
13. I don't owe anything to my credit card companies
14. I do my own laundry
15. I wash my own dishes
16. I iron my own clothes (except for the one's I sent to the laundry - work cloths la wei)
17. I clean my own house (with the help of my once-a-week maid)
18. I started gym regularly again
19. I'm picking up golfing regularly
20. I cook more at home

See, so many things to be thankful about. I guess 2009 will be alot more challenging than 2008. I believe that 2008 was really a honeymoon year for alot of people and 2009 is when everyone is truly tested.
Good luck, keep your feet on the ground and keep your modesty lower!

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