Monday, December 1, 2008

Dream Machine

When most of you read this, you're probably gonna say, "What's wrong with this fellow lar!! Bad time to buy car man!" or "Why this fellow dream machine so pariah one?!"Trust me, this is 2009 project.
After months and months of cracking my head, going back and forth and pissing alot of people off with my "not so stable" decision making abilities, I have finally decided on my next dream machine - economical, unique, spacious, beautiful & it give 550km/h for a RM130 full tank of gas - beat that suckers!! And it's a Japanese car with continental finish.
Introducing, the Toyota Mark X!!!

This baby has all the right curves at the right places. This is a midsize automobile created by Toyota for the Japanese market. The Mark X was introduced in 2004 and is manufactured in Kanegasaki, Iwate, Japan. It is available with either a 3.0 L or 2.5 L Toyota V6 GR series engine, the 2.5 L variant equipped with variable valve timing. A 5-speed automatic transmission is standard, and all wheel drive is optional but since we are in Malaysia, I will settle with the 2.5L V6 which is more than enough to cause damage on the streets of KL.

The Mark X is actually very similar to the LExus GS500 in so many ways - its looks, its rear-drive platform with 2850 mm wheelbase, 256bhp, its V6 DOHC, its 6A transmission and its double wishbone/multi-link suspensions. But with all that, the Mark X still has better power than the Lexus because of the mere fact that it's about 90kg lighter. And thanks to its not so anal insulation, you can hear the roar of the V6 at the rear pipes when you put the metal to the pedal.

It's always tough picking a car coz every car has something different that you want and then you wonder - "Why can't someone put all that into ONE blady car and make our lives easier!!"

The interior looks like a cockpit of an aeroplane with so many buttons that I can press and play with (don't get any dirty ideas!!)

Both seats are power seats and they are in nice and comfy leather. You can literally sleep in it wei!
Every damm control is on this steering wheel - odometer, radio, CD, etc.
And the futuristic control panel. Waaaahhhh!!!! Don't be fooled by the max meter of 180km/h coz this baby can kick some serious ass with its 256bhp V6 -2.5L engine so watch out people!!
Price tag - it's obviously gonna be recon coz we can't buy it brand new here coz neither Toyota nor Lexus brings this car in and they don't service it either - how stupid!! Guess "Ah Tong" with all the machines and gadgets in Klang will be servicing my future baby! Oh ya! Price - RM180,000!! Back in debts mate!!!

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