Friday, September 12, 2008

Night Out with The Shaolin Tiger

I finally met the famous blogger - Shaolin Tiger. I mean, I've met him before when he attended the Smirnoff Flavors launch but that was a very formal and simple introduction but last night was a planned meeting with him to talk about work. Well, when you're working in marketing whisky, best place to meet would be in a bar so it was TTDI Plaza that we ventured to. For a Thursday, the place was heaving with people - dressed in all sort of fashion statement, some were really weird.
Gareth (Shaolin Tiger) and I caught up on some Johnnie Walker matters and I must say it was a very fruitful meeting with him. We also met some really nice people in Tao.

Gareth with a buddy of his that he bumped into while we were in Tao listening to some really good 80's music which then moved onto R&B.
L-R: satheesh, jaye(he's one big dude from North Carolina), Camy and me. These dudes were so funny man. Camy is the manager in Tao and I actually convinced him to remove the Below 42 bottle glorifier and in replacement to put a Johnnie Walker bottle glorifier. The wonders of bonding that gets extended to branding. Jaye is from Charlotte, North Carolina - he was brought down as the resident DJ for Tao and Modesto's. He's one BIG dude man! His arms are the size of 2 of my thighs.
That's Camy trying to act cool as a DJ and Jaye pulling a 50cent! Again, one big dude!

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