Monday, September 15, 2008

Buka Puasa Session in Souled Out - 12.9.08

In the true spirit of being Malaysian, all of us crave for some sort of a holiday and a reason to celebrate. While other may laugh at us, we in fact cherish these moment as we are the only country in the world that can say that we are multi-racial.
My friends and I also decided-la to be a bit sakai la. My friends are very busy so it took me 1 week and 17 emails later to get them to meet for Buka Puasa session in Souled Out. Of course, it happened. I called my friend Fanny @ Souled Out to book seating space for me - VIP style of course - masuk only can see our faces and all the food that we were pushing down our throats. Damm hungry man!!
As usual, Guiness is a MUST on the menu! I was sold on the idea that Guiness draft doesn't get you fat unlike the other beers around out there. Cannot afford anymore belly size la - everyone making noise already and making fun wor!
Yen Teng who is our event-based friend (it's not that she doesn't like us but she is just busy - konon-nya la) and she was quite occupied that night with a leng-chai hitting on her. She is now known as YT coz Mr. Leng-Chai aka Alex Sue can't pronounce her name right. Weird and funny lor - Chinaman cannot pronouned Chinese girls name.
Believe it or not - we only ate starters and finger food the whole. What I remember eating was 4 kinds of pizza but managed to get a pic of this one only as the other 3 disappeared even before it touched the table. Quite yummy actually. Think this was the Hawaian Chicken Aloha pizza.
This is spicy sausage - you like sausage!!! It was quite yummy but DAMM spicy man! Imagine - me - Indian and couldn't tahan the spice. But I whacked it anyway.
Harish joined us coz his wife and kid are in Penang so he needed company to eat. Big man now - needs a break also. Cant be always working right!!!! Had a real good catch up with him as well.
Gin May as usual - walked in with heavy perfume, make-up and some sexy top. Now she is a big-time research analyst so she must look extra HOT coz usually all the analyst look damm pariah and geeky so she's trying to change that fact. Good luck girl!
And finally, this is Vanessa Gan - she's quite famous on facebook. In fact I think FB wants to hire her as an ambassador due to her popularity. Believe me - check out her pics mate.
Over all, the night and dinner was pleasant and we all caught up with each other with very minimum drama and minimum work talk.

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