Sunday, September 21, 2008

Home Sweet Home - almost!

My house is coming to together real nice now. I finally made up my mind on the type of toilet bowl to buy :) It wasn't easy but I did it. There are so many things that goes into a house - so many small details that I was completely ignorant to but thanks to my parents and my brother and his wife, it's looking good. Over the weekend, these are the things that I finally purchased after 4 months of walking in and out of shops.
Bathroom sink, wash bidet, instant water heater, vanity mirror, sink shelf, towel rack, sink taps, bath taps, shower rack, bath cups, clothing hooks, etc - this is only 10% of what I need for the house. I have another 90% to go and it's not cheap.
This is what the final outcome of my kitchen is looking like. Nice, simple and clean. Nothing fancy or too complicated. I will most definitely be doing alot of cooking here but it will be for selected people only. :P It's a home you know - not a restaurant. But I can ensure everyone that this home will never have shortage of "BOOZE"!!!!!
All my rooms are fitted with floor-boards to give it the premium and clean look. Plus, it's easier to maintain. I am lazy! Yes! I agree! These floors are really smooth as well. It doesn't cost much either.
The space that once upon a time was a garden, is now a tiled-area. Lets face it - I can barely take care of myself let alone trees and flowers. Although I do have plans to have some water feature or a BBQ set built here but that's in the future and not now.
Since plaster ceiling is a fashion, I just had to get one for myself. Also, it's alot more easier to work on lighting with these ceiling - everything is hidden. The fan is just for deco - which I'm sure will come on only when Malaysia has winter.
And this is my entertainment center. The center will host a 42" TV for everyone's viewing pleasure. I'm sure Xbox would be so real on it.

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