Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Friends Along The Way

I believe that friends are important. But I also believe that friends change - either for the better or for the worse - usually its for the worse though. Sad but true isn't it!
In my life, I've had my share of friendships that went sour but you know what, it's only the first time that's hard - after that, it becomes easy. You really can't avoid it when someone decides to turn their back on you or stop talking to you or decide to stab you on your back or decide that your friendship is worth nothing or they just don't like you anymore or they were influenced by others to stop talking to you or they started living the high life and forget about you or.....the list can go on but you get the point. Sometimes it's your F&%k up that these things happens and sometimes its just plain childish behavior. So many variables but end result is the same. I'm lost a few friends in my life time - some of which was my fault, some of which was their fault and some of which that was instigated by some morons and saw no resolution to it. But I'm not a sour person. Whether we still talk or not - I believe, in some point of my life, these people played a role in my life and for what it's worth, I sincerely appreciate their friendship. I'm not one who keeps grudges but I strongly believe that once there is a friction, the friendship becomes more of a cordial one rather than a "we are close so let's hang out more often" kind of friendship.
Since I've been alive for 30 over years now, it will be hard to salute everyone of my friends so will be selective. If you're not on this blog don't be upset, only means that you're a secret:)

To start off, my BEST FRIEND has always been and will always be my blood brother. Vithal (aka Kumar) is what I am today. Without him, I would not be where I am so I owe him my life at any cost. I won't know where to even begin to describe what he's given up in his life just so that I can have a better life for myself. But thanks GOD after all the stuggles that he's been through, he's coming out pretty well but it wasn't an easy journey for him. We are close - so close that many don't even believe it when we tell them we're brothers.
Next is my man John Collins - all the fame, glory and recognition that I'm getting through Johnnie Walker is thanks to John. He saved me from my "no future" job from an advertising agency where is was very clear that I wasn't gonna move anywhere coz I was stuck with an idiot boss - John realised this and he decided to hire me. Life was uphill from there with many new lessons learned along the way and with much better career prospects for me. He has since left the organization but is still around rocking the country with his consulting firm. We still catch up whenever he's in town. Also, I get the sense that people think I'm hanging out with Robbin Williams - more glory for me!!!
Harish - Harish - Harish - a man with few words but when he speaks, its a riot. Good guy but many take advantage of him. Told him millions of times to put his foot down which he finally did after 4 years of being stepped on. He's doing good now. We had some really good times where we worked before - but of course he was a Director while I was only an executive but he never once made that a known fact. He was one of the people! He's got a kid now so his partying days are scheduled. It's more like, "Eh, if wanna party, tell me 2 weeks before can ah so I can get license!"
Imran - the Australian Muslim boy. Sturggling real estate PR man but he's beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. As long as he doesn't run after a chick half way thru the tunnel, he should be fine. Kid can drink - was once known as "Whisky Raja" (King of Whisky) in our previous job. Down to earth, no drama and always up for a good time.
This is Jharna from America. When I first got to America, she was one of the few people that actually took the trouble to make me feel at home. I was alone in the U.S and she without any hesitation took me in as a brother and he family treated me as their own son. I got home cook food and family time with them whenever I need it. We went to the same university so she always same there on campus to make sure things went fine for me. Funny thing is, our relationship started off with her taking the role of an older sister (although she was much younger) and me as the younger brother. After about 6 months, when I was well settled, the tables turned and she was now my younger sister and I was her older brother than she came to for advice and help. I guess, after 6 months, I was more American than she was so it was easier for her to reach up to me for help. Plus, I was the brother that she always wanted coz I opened up her life to world of parties and late nights but it was all clean and decent fun. She's now married to someone who she truly loves. Missed her wedding but am looking forward for her to visit.
This every sense of it - thinking, speaking but not appearance. He rolls in his AC Schnitzer Beemer around town rocking up world class events for top clients. Down to earth and FULL of patience - trust me, this boy has patience. We weren't very closely at the beginning but I guess over the years, alot of common grounds nutured the friendship. A good friend, faithful husband and a great father. Sorry ladies- he's taken! And yes Siew Mun - market spoilt so that there are more girls available for the single men!

This is my BOO. Met her when I first joined the advertising world. Didn't know she was married but it didn't matter coz she's more of a sister than anything else - plus just couldn't picture this girl doing anything nasty (first impression la) but BOY! I was wrong! This girl had the drive to party and be wild - more than a 16 year old. She's one of the boys. Nik is 5ft 2inch (might be wrong but it's around there) but she can be heard and will make sure that she is heard.
And finally, Tanner-Bananan! Leo Burnett did it all. The man around the ladies. Picture speaks a thousand words. Alcoholic partnership, nightclub partnership, karaoke partnership, etc. Boy's from Johor so that means one thing - maniac on the road. Good kid. Good heart. Good liver - for now! He's acquired the taste of Japanese alcohol.

This is the end of part one of my friends. I have alot to talk about but just don't have the energy to type anymore. Maybe next time.

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