Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My New House - Before The Magical Touch

So, after 31 years of life (yes! I'm 31 this year and aging gracefully), I finally bought my own house. I was so excited about the house, that I couldn't wait to get it renovated and furnished so that I can move in. So far, its been renovated. Now its furnishing time.
The property is in Kota Kemuning Hill (it's really not that far) and it's nice a really quiet. I envision waking up every morning to the sounds of birds singing. The occassional golf balls hitting the neighbours window could also be a possibility. Oh! Yes! It's on a golf course but my unit doesn't face the course. The property is low rise so it's low density. My block has only 4 units in it with mine on the ground floor.

This is the entrance of my house. The door is fire-proof so I'm safe in my house :)
This is my living room. I could play baseball in here. The build up of my unit is 1800sq ft which is huge for a condo. Lots and lots of parties gonna happen here.
This is my kitchen. Small, cute and compact. But yes, I do cook and so I will use the kitchen frequently.
This is the main bathroom. Will not look like this when I'm done with it.
This is my master bedroom. Also, won't look like this when I'm done with it. The unit has 3 bedrooms and 2 bath. I also have a nice garden which use to have grass but not for long.
My next post, will show the renovated version of my place which I hope will come across as contemporary. If not, what the heck - it's still my home and I love it.

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