Friday, January 8, 2010

Life is a POEM

Apparently it’s as simple as it seems
When people say that you no longer what you deem
All you had was hopes and dreams
Couldn’t make one bit of it become a smooth stream

I take a look around me and nothing feels right
The people, the things, the friends I once thought were tight
Maybe I’m just an ordinary man
Ordinary enough, to be forgotten from this land

The strive and struggle, I thought it meant something
All the sweat and pain, now I know, it meant nothing
Turning back time, could probably be an option
But really, do you think that would be the potion

A famous face, a famous name
No one in this world thought I could be tame
Flashes of lights and clicks of camera’s
Rolling out in a brand new Panamera

The warm welcome at the club and a reserved space
The VIP treatment and free flow never seemed as a waste
Taking advantage of the attention from the honnies,
Makes me the “man” with my homies

But at the end of the day, when all that is over
I hide underneath a huge blanket of cover
A blanket that hides true feelings and emotions
And to think that I was truly subject to devotions

An empty space that was once a home
Writing endless letter that was once a poem
Now all that is nothing but mere history
I’ve been made a complete mockery

But life remains stand still
And all I have is my own true will
Fighting for the hope that there would be love again
And someday, I will again be able to regain

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similar to facebook function :)