Monday, January 11, 2010

The Beginning Of An End

Time flies when you're having fun really. I remember when I first got back from America after completing my studies and working briefly in Boston. Life was good while I was there. No worries in my life. The only worry I always had was quizzes and classes - I would trade my job anyday to be a student again but this time with loads of money.
I started my life from scratch when I got back. Gave up the high-life in Boston to be closer to family and emotions. Of course the fact that I just got a niece was a bonus for me to come home permanently but I don't regret a single bit of my decision then.
I guess you could say that life is here for me. Regardless what people say about Malaysia, it's truly the land of opportunities as long as you know where to tap it. I was at the right place at the right time and because of my focused journey, I'm where I am today.
But recently, I've lost the drive. The energy. The motivation. The ability to think big. Most of all, I've lost myself in all these fame and glamour.
Is this who I really want to be? Is this what I wanna do for a living till I retire? A friend today told me that I was made for bigger things? Why can't I have that confidence in myself like others do?
Why? Why? Why?
I think what is more depressing that failure is the lack to appreciate success when you have it. I haven't lost it so it's time I appreciate it all before I spend the rest of my life looking for it.
It will all end very soon!