Monday, June 29, 2009

Rest In Peace

The world has truly lost a talent. From "Thriller" to "Bad" to "Heal The World" to "History" to "Invisible" - Michael Jackson has left a permanent mark is the world and in our hearts. Childhood is one that he never had but his persona, talent and entertainment, is something that we all grew up with. Amazing how an individual who didn't have the luxury of a normal childhood can influence so many others childhood.
King Of Pop is no longer with us. As the famous tagline goes ' "Michael has left the building!" and this time, for good.
The nation mourns, cries and live in sorrow when we learned that he has left earth and all his loving family behind. Media went from pounding him with negative remarks to highlighting his contribution to the world. Suddenly the child molestation cases and charges were secondary. It should never have been primary to start with.
Michael never had a normal life. In fact, he hated his paretns for depriving him of such a life. From the tender age of 4, Michael was put under the spot-light and was expected to perform. He was the talent that made Jackson 5 - he was the Jackson and the rest were the "5"!.
Sure he went and did some weird things to himself but it's his life, his nose, his body, his hair and his eyes - he has every right to alter, change or modify what he didn't / doesn't like. Maybe some of the choices were not well thought through but that's something that he needs to deal with and not the world or the media.
Once a young black male, Michael left the world as an adult white male. The world tortured him enough. The world was cruel enough towards him. The world as he knows it to be - did nothing but punish him. He was close to kids. He wants to have them around. He wanted to give them everything that he didn't have growing up. He wanted them to have a "childhood" growing up.
Is that bad?
I think now that he's gone, we should all just let him be and pray that he rests in peace.

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chitra said...

Michael - "A Legacy that will live on forever." Now he can rest in peace... Finally......