Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Little Bit of This.....A Little Bit of That....

Random ramblings - that's what's gonna happen here. So, I spent my Saturday putting up paintings in my house. Apparently, my house resembles too much of bachelor-hood and that isn't good. So, I got a friend who knows how to use a power-drill (yes! I know how to use it but am just lazy) and he came over and sorted things out. So I now have 2 paintings up my walls at home. Am still sorting out the other stuff that I need to put up.
Today has been quite hectic - too much information upload at work - so many things to be done. Stress level is beginning to build up but it's worth every drop. Stress = work = I have a job!
Future wise things are looking pretty positive both of a social family level and career as well. It's amazing how much exposure one can get with credible media coverage.
Finally got my very own dream machine. I know I had gone back and forth with my choice of dream car but at the end , patience did severely pay off. Spent some dollars on maintanence upgrade and now it's pending cosmetic upgrades which to my surprise isn't what I expected it to cost. Much lower actually! Which can be scary coz it only means my mind is set on blowing that cash set aside. Promised certain people in my life that this would be the last thing that I would spend ridiculous money on. :)
I've given up the idea of buying myself a super-bike as there is just way too much resistance in doing that from people around me. Maybe when I hit mid-life crisis this would become an option again.
A big part of my concentration is now on doing some minor reno in my life to make it less of a bachelor pad and more of a home. My parents are sayin that I'm living a life that isn't too healthy - both physically and mentally. Geezz!! Just too hard to please everyone.
Am thankful for the friends I have and those who have stuck by me through thick and thin. Thanks ya'all.

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