Friday, June 12, 2009

Casual Fridays!

Friday is a day when everyone kicks back and really chills out coz tomorrow is Saturday and it's the weekend. Ladies let their hair down, guys put on their jeans to work (in most firm's at least) and the bosses just don't give a shit about what's happening around them.
I work in a company where in the past, there was an M.D. who just didn't approve of casual dressing on Friday's which kinda sucks if you ask me. I mean, you're in a tie or a suit Monday through Thursday working your ass off and the least you can be rewarded with is casual Friday's coz it gives you the freedom to dress down for work and at the same time be dressed enough to party at night. Just coz some bosses don't have a life doesn't mean the rest of us don't right.
My boss at that time was all about relax work environment. There are some things that he believes in that I don't but we disagree to agree. I don't believe in wearing a tie to work unless of course it's a special occassion which demands for high level of professional outlook. I do have tie's and nice one's too so for me, it's more of a special treat when I wear them.
For months, I use to get the third degree from my colleagues (certain of them) and they would say things like; "Wah! So relaxed ah you?", "Hey, got dress code la here!" and things like that. But after awhile, it all stopped because they realised that it isn't really worth it to pick on small matters.
Here's my thoughts:
1. When you're in the office, there really isn't a need to be in a tie coz all it does is restricts your head and shoulder movement and it is kinda uncomfortable to be in it all day.
2. Wear a tie when you meet customers - this I agree. Especially when you're in sales and constantly out meeting clients, then a tie is good.
3. Make sure your shirts are ironed.
4. Make sure your pants are ironed and decent. Don't wear super tight pants, etc.
Now, about Friday's, there is absolutely nothing wrong in being casual on a Friday but one needs to remember that casual means, smartly dressed and presentable. This means, no torn jeans, funky colored shirts, sneakers, etc.
Every Friday, I'm in work shoes, with jeans, short-sleeve shirt and a blazer / jacket. That's casual and relaxed but yet very presentable.
Every Friday, people ask me why I'm dressed so smart - imagine, wearing a jacket automatically makes you smart - cool world huh - so simple to satisfy. And every Friday, I tell them the same thing - "I want to be different. Everyone is dressed up during the week. I want to be dressed up only on Fridays." I love my colleagues - really I do! They are a sweet bunch!
We should all exercise the right to be casual on Friday!

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ShaolinTiger said...

I exercise my right to be casually dressed every day!

Shorts and slippers are ok in our office :D